Extremely low temperatures forecast for Sonora today


HERMOSILLO, SONORA.– Given the forecast of low temperatures, Civil Protection of Hermosillo calls on the population to take extreme measures. Today the capital woke up between 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, so following the instructions of the local authorities is of great importance.

Yesterday the maximum temperature was 18 degrees Celsius, while today a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius is expected with a cloudy to clear sky and no probability of rain, with a high UV index of 4 to 10.

Civil Protection recommended providing care, mainly to the most vulnerable population groups: girls and boys, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, and senior citizens.

The recommendations indicate avoiding sudden changes in temperature, so it is necessary to bundle up well, give the main attention and care to older adults and children. Do not let minors near braziers, ovens, and fireplaces.

It is also important to check the good condition of the facilities such as hoses and gas connections in stoves, ovens, and water heaters. Likewise, avoid the use of gas heaters, as they can cause suffocation from carbon monoxide.

For this reason, following the instructions by the authorities will ensure the well-being of the population, especially those that belong to vulnerable groups, which during these dates are the most affected when due care is not taken.

Source: Expreso

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