U.S. citizens are warned not to cross into Mexico


LAREDO, TX (KGNS) – Some unsettling rumors have been circulating social media sites that are causing some concern.

According to several posts, come this Monday U.S. citizens will not be able to cross into Mexico.

In fact, a member of the Nuevo Laredo media says officials are warning U.S. citizens to stay in their own country if they need to buy things or go see a doctor in Nuevo Laredo.

We caught up with people at the bridge to see if they’ve heard about this or are in fact being warned and asked how something like this, if true, would affect those who cross daily.

“Like here in Laredo, and in other border towns, it’s like a life cycle going to and from every day, a lot of people just live over there and don’t have a place to stay over here, I have a place to stay but a lot of them don’t… so they have to take that into consideration,” said Victor Lopez, who crosses into Mexico daily.

Lopez goes on to say that until either of the countries, Mexico or the U.S., comes out with an official statement that the borders will close, he will continue crossing every day.

Source: kgns.tv

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