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Guerrero News

Guerrero plunged into violence, public transport and schools paralyzed

Violence in Guerrero has reached critical levels, with municipalities such as Chilpancingo facing constant threats and attacks against public transport drivers. https://youtu.be/wFF9CwAxs3A


Guerrero boys forced to take up arms after kidnappings in their village

A volunteer police force in rural Mexico that says it has been overwhelmed by local kidnappings has recruited schoolchildren as young as 12 to...

Taxco, Guerrero once the “Silver Capital”, now shuttered by gang killings and threats

The bullet-ridden bodies of two detectives were found on the outskirts of Taxco, a colonial town in central Mexico that draws throngs of tourists...

25,000 troops were sent to Acapulco to stop the violence after Hurricane Otis

The Mexican government sent 25,000 troops to Acapulco after the resort was hit by Hurricane Otis on Oct. 25, but apparently, that hasn’t stopped...


Guerrero, Tabasco and Durango lose 4.9 thousand jobs

The behavior of formal employment last year was not as favorable as expected. Of the 32 entities in the country, Guerrero, Tabasco and Durango reported a loss of 4.9 thousand jobs, according to the...

“Mexico a country of contrasts” The truth about Mexico 2022

Located between 3rd and 16th in remittances, tourism, population, territory and economy, Mexico finishes in 163rd in equality for income distribution and with a rule of law without justice, security, peace, or strong citizen...


Canadian Torex Gold Resources expands operations in Guerrero, Mexico

Mexico-focused Canadian miner Torex Gold Resources reported record annual gold output of 474,035oz in 2022, exceeding guidance.  Guidance was 430,000-470,000oz, while Q4 production was 116,196oz....

Lee Jeongsu – The Korean Taquero Who Opened a Taqueria in Seoul

Mexican cuisine has crossed borders to many other countries in America and Europe. However, in countries like South Korea, it is not so common, but...

Real Estate


The music festival that will give everything to Acapulco

The Trópico Festival, whose usual home is the coastal city of Guerrero, had to be canceled after the passage of Hurricane 'Otis'. Now it...

Day of the Dead: Magical Towns with unique celebrations to experience this season

The days to celebrate the Dead are counting down, and you can enjoy this season in one of these Magical Towns with unique celebrations Seasonal...

The ATP 500 in Acapulco will feature five Top 10 players in 2024

The Danish Holger Rune, fourth in the world ranking, heads the list of participants in the ATP 500 in Acapulco, which will be held...

Food and Drinks

Costa Grande cuisine present at Gastronomic Festival

A worthy representative is Mrs. Alicia Pérez, a traditional cook from Pantla who will be personifying the Costa Grande at the "Gastronomic Festival and...

Riverview couple’s home in Mexico destroyed during Hurricane Otis

 A couple from Riverview recently finished building a house in Acapulco, Mexico that was hit by a Cat-5 storm. Patty Kearney and Al Pravato met in the...

Expats Crime

Canadian arrested armed and transporting 69 kg of cocaine in CDMX

The Canadian citizen who was driving a gray Hyundai vehicle was heading to the municipality of Toluca, State of Mexico Members of the Secretariat of...


Mexico History

How a flower from Mexico became a symbol of Christmas

One of my most precious possessions is a round, painted ceramic cookie tray in the shape of a poinsettia that was given to me by my mother. Every Christmas, this vivid red tray with a yellow blossom in the center has held the sweet...

Mexico Living

The most charismatic soccer player in the history of Mexico is a global fashion icon. We refer, nothing more and nothing less, to Jorge Campos who was honored in France for his great taste in clothing… And no, it is not a joke by any means. What tribute was paid to Jorge Campos in France? The starting goalkeeper of the Mexican...


Guerrero invests 27 million pesos to combat dengue, zika and chikungunya 

More than 27 million pesos were allocated by the government of the state of Guerrero to combat the mosquito that transmits Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya, which occupies eighth place nationally, due to the number of registered cases.  In the fight against the proliferation of the...