Sale of TOYS for ADULTS in Mexico shoots up during quarantine


Merchants explain that vibrators are the most requested and that more women buy online

Erotika, the leading chain of erotic and sexual items stores in Mexico, recently reported that its sales through digital channels increased 280 percent since the country’s health authorities issued isolation recommendations.

The company has closed its 50 stores throughout the country, but to meet the demand of its consumers -of which 70 percent are women and 30 percent men offer various products on its website Internet. The purchases are sent to the door of the house through home delivery applications to respect the distance measures.

Diana Bernal, director of marketing for Erotika, says that even before the Mexican authorities launched the isolation recommendation, her sales increased considerably because many of her regular customers began to make ” panic purchases. “

” Then came the announcement of Phase 1, with the official closure, and many couples as single people begin to wonder what they will do with their sex life, ” he added.

In Mexico, as in other countries, applications such as Tinder or Bumble are often used by users seeking sexual encounters, but the distancing measures derived from the pandemic caused the closure of public spaces such as bars, shopping centers, gyms, and others. According to Bernal, the ” fear ” of going out could cause some users to choose to experiment with sex toys.

Sales increase in other countries

In Argentina, the practice of ” sexting ” – an exchange of sexual material through texts, photographs, or videos on different platforms – gained strength as a way to maintain sexual activity virtually.

In Brazil, the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights launched a primer earlier this month for the LGBT population in which Minister Damares Alves recommended ” sex workers ” to try the option of a ” virtual service ” .

In Guatemala, Paola Matheu, owner of the Penelope Love Boutique store, which specializes in erotic online games, said her online sales increased 75 percent from government-imposed restrictions during the pandemic, including touch curfew.

She explains that among the most requested toys are vibrators and that more women have requested online purchases.

“ In the end, many out of curiosity entered our site and began to see that we are much more than dildos. We have a lot of innovation, a lot of products and people start to make their basic purchase and decide ´I am in quarantine, but I want orgasms´, ” said Bernal.

Although there is no certainty as to who the end-users of the products are, Bernal thinks that not only solitary users but also couples, make purchases in Erotika.

Among the products that are most in-demand among women are masturbators (which cost 600 pesos) and vibrator products (which cost 3,200 pesos). For couples, the best-sellers are oils (which cost 2,000 pesos) and a bondage kit (sex with ties, for the same price).

Regarding its buyers, Bernal believes that women buy more because the supply is less for men.

Although its online sales have tripled, the company, like many others that had to be closed when not essential, is experiencing an economic crisis . Having 56 physical stores closed has been a serious blow to Erotika, which continues to pay the rent for many of its stores, in addition to its employees’ payrolls.

According to Bernal, 70 percent of his sales were in physical stores, but he hopes to get ahead when things return to normal.

For now, what companies like Erotika have detected in the midst of the pandemic is that many people, out of shame or taboo, did not enter their physical stores, but online and with home delivery through companies such as Rappi, CornershopAmazon, so moral judgments do not enter the equation.

“ Now with those delivery methods, just as they ask to have their cake or hamburger delivered, they ask for their sex toy and it is completely anonymous. That social or mental block is removed, ” says Bernal, who believes that this time will be a watershed for new users who took away their fear of feeling pleasure in a different way. ” Many who knew us are not going to leave us because it is a pleasure in the end. “


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