Tepito’s drug lord arrested in Mexico City


The Mexican navy, in collaboration with Mexico City authorities, arrested Brandon Alexis “N”, known as “El Junior,” on May 21st. The man is the brother of “El Lunares,” the former leader of the Unión Tepito Cartel who was arrested earlier this year.

According to sources, there was an arrest warrant against Brandon Alexis.
During the operation, authorities dismantled a drug lab and seized cash, weapons, and drugs.

Authorities also arrested “El Santero,” a man who worked for “El Lunares.” The alleged criminal was arrested in February but was released days later; he is accused of bribing local authorities on behalf of the local cartel.
La Unión Tepito is one of the deadliest cartels in the city. It is the main drug distributor in the city, as well as the main violence generator, and received protection from local authorities.

“El Lunares” who is currently in jail, is known for his eccentric lifestyle, he is fond of exotic animals, expensive jewelry, and cars. According to local authorities, he has ordered the murder of several rivals to use their remains in satanic rituals and witchcraft altars.
The local drug cartel is involved in a dispute with another local cartel: Fuerza Anti Unión de Tepito.

The Unión Tepito, Fuerza Anti-Unión, and the Tláhuac cartels are the main criminal organizations operating in Mexico City.

Source: El Universal

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