The terrorist who became an adviser for the president of Mexico


His real name is Israel Arconada Gomez. He’s been accused of being a Basque terrorist. He is an active militant of the abertzale left in Euskal Herria, which belongs to the radical Basque nationalism from which ETA emerged (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna from the euskera, ‘Basque Country and Freedom‘).

In 2011 he participated in the Sao Paulo Forum at the express invitation of Daniel Ortega – president of Nicaragua – and his ‘Sandinista Liberation Front.’ After being arrested in Spain for his links with ETA, he changed his name from Israel to Katu and Arkonada with a K.

Arkonada grew up in a Spanish communist family near the Altos Hornos de Bilbao in Barakaldo, and at the age of 16, he was already a member of the Basque independence left. In 1998, after the police struck a blow to his organization, 14 of his comrades were arrested for “their alleged participation in violent and sabotage actions”. Katu showed up at the doors of the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid, looking for news of his “comrades in arms.” There he was identified as a member of the ETA terrorist group and arrested. He was eventually released for lack of evidence.

Katu Arkonada decided to escape from Spain and come to Latin America. His first mandatory stop was Cuba to participate in the “World Festival of Youth and Students.” He joined Askapena, one of the organizations within the political arm of the terrorist movement. From then on, his assignment became perhaps as dangerous as guns and bombs—that of ideological poisoning.

Arkonada became “ambassador” of the Basque Country at the Sao Paulo Forums. An environment that annually brings together Latin American leftist parties to annihilate the rise of neoliberalism. His work as an “ideological ambassador” led him to various forums in Latin American socialist countries, and Katu began to whisper in the ears of those in power. That is how he came to be close to the radical left-wing leadership in Nicaragua, Cuba, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Brazil.

As he defines himself, the “tropical terrorist, socialist and abortionist” was Chief of Staff to the Bolivian Minister of Communication, Gisela López, in the government of Evo Morales. He arrived in Mexico through legislators Dolores Padierna and René Bejarano, his guides to MORENA political party. At that point in time, Katu Arkonada presented herself as part of the “Red de Intelectuales en Defensa de la Humanidad” (Intellectual Network in Defense of Humanity), a fake NGO, financed by the Venezuelan dictatorship whose primary purpose was 1. To extend links with the latinamerican communists. 2. The radical wings of the left 3. To link them all to disseminate the ideology of the recalcitrant left.

It was then that Arkonada settled in Mexico, fertile land for his quasi-communist purposes. Opportunity and luck crossed his path as Lopez Obrador was on the campaign trail. He agreed to take his place in the ranks of MORENA and became AMLO’s advisor on issues related to Latin America. It is well known that it was Arkonada himself who advised AMLO and MORENA to support Maduro and not to recognize Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela.

Katu Arkonada, today, is in paradise. He lives in a Mexico plagued by violence, an issue well known to him and his organization, a country where thanks to narco-terror, impunity, human trafficking, piracy, unemployment, and social division, the stubborn ideology of the left have proliferated.

Added to the cocktail is a president with a messiah complex, Castro-Chavist views, and megalomaniacal ideas. Paradise on earth for an amoral terrorist like Arkonada.

Today, Arkonada is seen close to well-known figures of the Mexican radical left. These include Yeidckol Polevnsky, former president of MORENA, or Gerardo Fernández Noroña, federal legislator, everlasting member of the Labor Party, who describes himself as a “social fighter.” However, many in Mexico are aware of his violent past, his behavior that stands out for its laziness, vulgarity, and predilection for aggression.

Fernández Noroña has expressed his desire to be president of Mexico. He unabashedly supports the regime of Nicolás Maduro, and considers Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro to be “geniuses.”

It is quite impossible to forget that photo of Katu Arkonada with Fernando Buen Abad and Fernandez Noroña on the way to Nicolás Maduro’s inauguration, from whose fraudulent election he was an “international observer.”

Currently, Katu Arkonada has a mission in Mexico. To help create and put into operation the “4T Defense Committees”. These committees intend to “defend” the “Fourth Transformation” in the elections.

Its real purpose: to carry out collective surveillance tasks against external interference and acts of destabilization against the political system. To spread radical propaganda to the grassroots, mobilize “4T” supporters, encourage citizen participation in elections, and in the future, monitor and control the public and private life of the people through neighbors acting as spies. In short, intimidate and attack those considered “enemies of the Fourth Transformation”.

In case anyone doubted it. Katu Arkonada… is also, a great danger for Mexico’s democracy.

The Yucatan Times
Editorial Board
June 23, 2020

The Yucatan Times editorial board is made up of a group of 9 people from different nationalities and backgrounds,  who are selected due to their trajectory and objectivity.