AMLOs Collapse of his Fourth Transformation


The government of López Obrador called the Fourth Transformation is collapsing and in this scenario, there is a polarization not only in public opinion but in society itself, driven by the disqualifications that the President of the Republic launches every morning against dissidence to his government, whether by independent social movements, critical journalists or intellectuals who do not agree on the way to run the country.


The AMLO government of the 4T is also experiencing a deep political crisis due to the results in economic and financial matters, the disastrous handling of the pandemic, and the violence by organized crime that registers thousands of deaths in the country.

The disqualifications towards the media critical of the López Obrador government as well as journalists and intellectuals also by supporters of the 4T government with a fundamentalist tone is an important element of the political decomposition of a project that does not satisfy the most minimal needs. from those who benefited from past governments, but from the majority of Mexicans in the face of the economic depression and the health disaster caused by the pandemic.

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López Obrador speaks of a change in the political regime through the fight against corruption but he forgets that it can only be fought with the absolute transparency of each one of the acts of the exercise of political or presidential power; To minimize corruption at the highest levels of Mexican politics and also at the lower levels of bureaucrats, for example in a state government or municipal presidency, there must be transparency and political counterweights, but also the media, the Journalists and academics and intellectuals have not only the right but also the obligation of political and social criticism to the current ruler, even more so when trying to impose a single vision of a national project to annihilate the political projects of the past.

That is why López Obrador’s disqualification of the country’s political dissidence is synonymous with political weakness or crisis in the process of rebuilding an authoritarian or dictatorial regime such as the Fourth Failed Transformation.

Even more so when the “left” neoliberalism or also populism of López Obrador is alive and enjoying good health, proof of this is the economic package for 2021 that has the characteristic of “republican” austerity where the famous social programs are privileged -which are crumbs- that do not have coverage for all the poor in the country and the strategic projects with which, according to López Obrador, he intends to promote the economic recovery of the country, which is very complicated in the short term. The accounts of the “tropical messiah” do not come out before the electoral process of 2021.

But the failure of Q4 is greater in terms of human rights due to the seizure by feminist collectives of the facilities of the National Commission for Human Rights where its president imposed from the national palace through the Senate of the Republic, Rosario Piedra has shown his antipathy towards the victims of violence, especially against the women who furiously intervened a painting of Francisco I Madero, the supposed martyr of Mexican democracy, which caused the indignation of the supporters of the 4T, while the President of said body for the defense of human rights are full of privileges, eating fine cuts of meat as demonstrated by the occupants of the CNDH headquarters.

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And it is that Rosario Piedra is not prepared to conduct herself under the institutional framework that refers to this position and her collaborators are unconditional of López Obrador, in a few words Piedra manages the commission as if it were another dependency of the López Obrador government and forgets the character independent of said commission and the distance that she must keep before all the powers of the state, especially the presidential power, the lady is at the service of the failed project of the 4T, which is why she has called the CNDH the “people’s defense” , without understanding the depth of the defense of human rights, even more so in a process of reconstruction of an authoritarian regime such as that of López Obrador.

But freedom of expression also intends to be annihilated by López Obrador in the face of criticism of the failure of his regime change project when he renounces the privileges that some intellectuals and journalists had due to the official advertising agreements, which is a topic for another installment; This presidential stance led 650 personalities from the journalistic, intellectual and academic fields to sign a display against the disqualifications of presidential power, to which the acolytes of the 4T responded with another display.

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But the truth is that freedom of expression under the 4T is threatened by intolerance and presidential fundamentalism and the project of the Fourth Transformation. However, in the country’s political history, freedom of expression has always been under the guillotine, particularly in what was the authoritarian one-party PRI regime; But it was thanks to the mobilization of the Mexican people that a democratic regime was conquered, especially in the year 2000, and with this, the exercise of freedom of expression was strengthened and the media had to open up to the necessary critical and dissenting voices. in every democracy and even more so in Mexico. That is why the presidential power must be subject to criticism under the exercise of absolute freedom of expression.   


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