Experts predict victory for Biden … and hostility from Democrats towards Mexico


Biden’s issues to deal with Mexico would be fundamentally three: environment, democracy, and drugs, Pablo Hiriart considered

Three and a half weeks before the elections in the United States, expert analysts agreed that Democrat Joe Biden is “on the road” directly to the White House, and warned that, if he wins a victory, Mexico “will not do very well” and that “we will have difficulties.”

“Everything is on track for a possible victory for Biden”, estimated the internationalist expert Gabriel Guerra, and warned that, with a Democratic victory, with Mexico “there will be a bit of cold shoulder because there is the feeling that Mexico helped Trump as a candidate”.

Trump y AMLO no se parecen...son igualitos, según Pablo Hiriart

By participating in the panel of EL FINANCIERO Meet Point Virtual: “Trump vs. Biden, between Covid-19 and chaos ”, moderated by the columnist of this publishing house Ana María Salazar also anticipated that“ Mexico will not be their topic, only conflictive issues, drugs, migration and they will not pay much attention to us ”. Only – he added – “the trial of Genaro García Luna is going to put us on the front pages of the world.”

The academic and columnist for EL FINANCIERO, Macario Schettino, stated that “with the Democrats, Mexico has not done well, and with Trump, the whole world has done badly; it is a tragedy and a danger for the world and with the Democrats, we will have difficulties, but negotiable ”.

But – he stressed – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “is not concerned about what happens in the world”, he is only concerned that if Trump loses the USMCA trade deal could be at risk, although it is not a very good treaty for Mexico. “The protectionist vision of the Democrats will affect Mexico. Mexico would have many difficulties in the coming years on the labor issue and it should be a cause for concern, but it does not worry much “.

Lo que AMLO le pidió a Biden

He stressed that in the election, Donald Trump “risks his freedom”, because if he loses “he will leave the White House in an orange suit, straight to the jail for not paying taxes and for money laundering.” “He should leave office, he is ill,” he added.

The journalist Pablo Hiriart, General Director of Political and Social Information of EL FINANCIERO, also stated that the election in the United States, “unless a cataclysm occurs, is already decided. Or that there are catastrophic stumbles ”.

He also recalled that “it was a mistake” the visits and approaches of President López Obrador with Trump, and that these actions “are charged” by the Democrats, although he estimated that there would be “a fluid relationship because we need each other, there is no doubt”; but “the political blame will be charged,” he insisted.

Biden’s issues to deal with Mexico would be fundamentally three: environment, democracy and drugs, he considered.

The journalist indicated that “the most recent polls that were released after the debate, and of course they are serious, give Biden the yes,” while President Donald Trump “is desperate, a populist who is never responsible”.


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