Amlo government attack on journalist


‘AMLO’s brother ask that they put me in jail for 12 years’: Loret says that AMLO’s brother denounced him for the case of videos

Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola said that Pío López Obrador reported him to the FGR, after his medium showed the videos where he received packages of money.

The journalist Carlos Loret de Mola said this Sunday that the brother of President Pío López Obrador, brother of the President of Mexico, reported him to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and asks that he be put in prison for 12 years, for revealing in the Latinus medium the videos in which he is observed receiving money from David León.

“Pío López Obrador and the person who gave him the money, David León Romero, have already declared before the FGR for the complaint filed by the opposition National Action and Democratic Revolution parties after the videos were released,” Loret de Mola said in a text opinion published in The Washington Post.

“However, Pío López Obrador went further: he did not stop to give his statement, but instead sought to attack through a complaint. It was filed with the FGR on October 2. Pío López Obrador speaks of the disclosure of his videos as ‘facts allegedly constituting crimes committed to the detriment of his person and his family (…) through the Latinus communication space, directed by the journalist Carlos Loret de Mola’ “.

Pío López Obrador, according to Loret de Mola, asks that he be recognized as an assistant to the Prosecutor’s Office and that it initiate an investigation folder on the matter.

In his complaint, according to the journalist, Pío López Obrador points out that “the various conversations that I had with David León Romero were reserved in nature and therefore are protected by the human right to privacy,” for which he asks that apply Article 211 Bis of the Federal Criminal Code, although the person who recorded the videos was David León Romero.

“Every human being has an intimacy and this must be respected. Based on the foregoing, the disclosure of the talks is totally illegal, ”argued the president’s brother, according to the text released this Sunday.

Senator Lilly Téllez supported the journalist:

Also the leader of Coparmex, Gustavo de Hoyos:

In a morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said in his morning conference that the resources that his brother was observed receiving in videos came from contributions from the people for the holding of Morena rallies, that it was not a deviation and accused that the leak was a revenge for the disclosure of the bribes paid by the former director of Pemex Emilio Lozoya.


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