Russian influencer criticizes Oaxaca for respecting sanitary measures calls it a paranoid state!


The young woman called it the worst state in Mexico and assured that she will never return. Look what she said.

Xenia Reina, la influencer rusa que criticó a Oaxaca por respetar medidas sanitarias (Instagram)
Xenia Reina, the Russian influencer who criticized Oaxaca for respecting sanitary measures 

Mexico is considered a benchmark in tourism, among other things, for its cultural and gastronomic wealth. However, this year has been one of the sectors that has had the greatest negative impact due to covid-19, so some places have had to implement sanitary protocols to minimize infections.

These types of measures have not gone down well with Xenia Reina, a Russian influencer who has lived in our country for some years. The young man used his social networks to share his bad experience in Oaxaca, where she is traveling.

In the last hours, he published a couple of stories on Instagram that caught the attention of his followers, as he spoke out against the sanitary actions that the southern state has applied, which is at an orange traffic light.

According to her Stories, she wanted to visit the archaeological ruins of Monte Albán but found them closed and according to her, only Mexicans who arrived at 7 in the morning were allowed in. It should be noted that the site has a reduced capacity of 400 people a day.

“I couldn’t even enter Monte Albán because at 11 am they no longer have space. Only the Mexicans who formed at 7 am passed. Terrible, terrible place to go sightseeing. I will never return to visit this paranoid state. They believe themselves too much! There are much better places in the country and without doing so much stupidity. Bye forever, Oaxaca! “.

He added that he could not enter Yagul either, as the archaeological zone is permanently closed due to the coronavirus emergency.

“Until that, they closed it. I will not spend another peso in Oaxaca, they do not deserve it. THE WORST STATE OF MEXICO I KNOW .”

With the tail between the legs

After her criticism, Xenia apologized, noting that she had received threats, and acknowledged that she exaggerated in her comments: “Calm down! I have a great time in Oaxaca, it is an extremely beautiful place with a lot of history and culture. I admit that maybe I exaggerated something in my posts, but it was the result of my exhaustion.

” Xenia Reina has almost 60 thousand followers on her Instagram account, while on her TikTok profile she is about to reach 400 thousand.


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