Mexican navy rescued four after boat sinks during Zihuatanejo day of the dead parade


La Catrina almost took them away

Zihuatanejo, Guerrero. 

Day of the dead parade of boats in Zihuatanejo Bay, Boats departed from Linda beach to travel the El Palmar beach area until they reach the mouth of the Zihuatanejo bay. There, other boats will be waiting for them to take a tour of Las Gatas beach, La Madera and finally in Principal beach.

Preparan desfile nocturno de lanchas en Bahía de Zihuatanejo - Periódico  Novedades

The tour of decorated and illuminated boats includes leaving the floral offerings at sea.

Four people had to be rescued after one of the boats that participated in the night parade on the “Day of the Dead” sank during its journey to the Bay of Zihuatanejo.

La Catrina almost took them away, they rescued four after a boat sank in Zihuatanejo 2

The rescuers rescued four people from the boat “Las Tres” after it sank at the edge of 7:40 pm yesterday, Sunday, disembarking them at the dock of this Naval Sector for transfer to the Naval Hospital.

Fortunately, no drowning person was reported. Given this fact, authorities reinforced surveillance on the occasion of the “Day of the Dead” festivities.

La Catrina almost took them away, they rescued four after a boat sank in Zihuatanejo 3

Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda and the Coordination Table for the Construction of Peace, expressed their appreciation to the personnel of the Naval Sector of the Navy in Zihuatanejo for this action and the permanent vigilance during this period on the occasion of the festivities of “Day of the Dead “.

For their part, the families of the rescued people thanked the authorities for the timely intervention to rescue the people who were in the parade safely.

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