Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo with two ports, more than eight bays, and an infinity of enjoyment experiences


Zihuatanejo: a town with the sea


Due to its spirit as a Mexican town, Zihuatanejo lends itself to taking a walk downtown and doing some shopping. If you want to take home the perfect souvenir, opt for the hats, masks and kitchen utensils painted by hand in the typical artisan style of Guerrero. Visit the Archaeological Museum of the Costa Grande, located on the Paseo del Pescador, where you will learn about the history of this region and contemplate the archaeological pieces that have been found in the area.

When you finish your visit, walk towards the back of the enclosure; There you will find the ecotianguis Sanka, where they sell products that in their production process take care of the environment such as clothing, footwear, food and handicrafts, among others. Take note  The ecotianguis opens only on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., in Paseo del Pescador and Plaza Olof Palme, Centro, Zihuatanejo.

Barra de Potosí: lagoon and sea


Venture to this place where the lucky encounter between fresh water and the sea takes place. The result: a beautiful landscape that rises between mangroves. A good way to observe the charms of the place and get to know the local fauna up close is by taking a boat ride.

If you prefer, you can also enjoy the view from the shore, sitting in some of the riverside restaurants, while you taste some strips, a typical dish of the area, similar to ceviche; They prepare it with the freshest fish, onion, lemon, salt and a touch of habanero to taste . Its simplicity is inversely proportional to its flavor. Take note A private half-hour boat ride costs around $ 350. Do not miss it.

Fisherman’s Market: Explosion for the Senses


Getting up early in Zihuatanejo has enormous advantages, such as going to the fishermen’s market, which offers quite a show. It is located on the seashore on the Main Beach, and it is better to arrive before dawn to see dozens of boats returning from their long night shift with the day’s catch.

Chancleta, ojotón, flamenco, cabrilla, horse mackerel and dorado are just some of the varieties of fish that you will find for sale. You will love seeing the ever-elusive pelicans being part of this tide of scents, colors and sounds. You will experience for yourself the beauty of a fishing village. Take note  Before 11:00 hours all specimens are sold; we recommend you arrive early.

La Casa que Canta and hotel Cala de Mar: the dream sunset


Enjoy a spectacular sunset followed by an unforgettable dinner on the Mar y Cielo terrace, at La Casa que CantaTheir dishes are always fresh, because very early they buy fish and seafood in the market.

A delicacy on the menu is the octopus fettuccini : the homemade pasta together with the mild sauce that accompanies it, make the difference. And when you want to feel connected to the waves and see one of the most spectacular sunsets on this side of the globe, the Hotel Cala de Mar is your option.

Being on a cliff, it has wide views towards the sea. Be sure to visit its Sea Food Market restaurant, located at the foot of the bay, with fresh grilled fish and contemporary recipes. Take note  La Casa que Canta is located on the Scenic Road to Playa la Ropa s / n, and Cala de Mar in Paseo Punta Ixtapa s / n, Hotel Zone II.

La Ropa, Blanca and El Palmar beaches: the charm of the Pacific


Each bay in Zihuatanejo has its own identity and beauty. Because it has a wide and extensive strip of sand, Playa La Ropa seems perfect to rest with the Sun in front of you, as well as Playa Blanca, whose strong waves invite you to enjoy the view from the mainland while eating some fish.

If you prefer to swim, you can visit Las Gatas, where a breakwater causes the tide to reach the shore gently. Its sand is fine and the water is clear, which makes it ideal for snorkeling. The idea of ​​paradise makes sense when you feel its cool waters.

In the rainy season and until February, these beaches are chosen by dozens of olive ridley, leatherback and hawksbill turtles to lay their eggs; This is because here they protect and conserve them. Take note  Playa Las Gatas only has access by the sea. Take a boat from Playa Principal.

Zihuatanejo of flavors: unmissable restaurants


La Terracita (Calle Adelita 6, Playa la Madera) is the place where locals usually have breakfast, especially if they have something to celebrate. And the fact is thatthe view of the sea from the top of its terrace is unsurpassed.

Its variety of freshly made juices will whet your appetite and you will want to continue with some eggs with bricklaying or a cottage cheese and huitlacoche omeletteTo get to know the Guerrero seasoning revolutionized with contemporary culinary techniques, nothing like the Angustina restaurant (Paseo del Pescador 70, Centro), where mezcal is the true protagonist of the menu, either in its liquid form to pair or evaporated into one. of the flagship cymbals.

Also visit Hao and Ceniza, restaurants at the Thompson hotel (Carretera Escénica s / n, Playa la Ropa). Hao’s proposal is accidental; it is on the beach and has a bar to taste cocktails. Ceniza is chef Miguel Baltazar’s flagship restaurant, which serves grilled cuisine and smoked dishes, as fire is his inspiration.


Indispensable to try the tatemata chocolate clams with pineapple and guajillo hollandaise, or the mussel casserole with chorizo ​​and local beer. Take note  At the Hao restaurant, dare to order the chilaquiles with shrimp, scallops, octopus, morita pepper and cotija cheese. An unusual ensemble, but delicious. 

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