Water leak affects merchants of La Marina market in Zihuatanejo


ZIHUATANEJO, Gro.- Merchants from the La Marina handicrafts market, located on 5 de Mayo Avenue in the city, reported that a water leak is affecting their businesses, since vehicles passing at full speed splash out the premises and damage their merchandises.

The merchant Juan Carlos Mendoza mentioned that the watery spillage had been generated for about a month, apparently due to the rupture of a pipe, due to the fact that the water gushes out from the pavement of the vehicular stream and runs into the storm drain that is at the end the little market.

It is a water leak that is constant, but it is not known precisely if it is drinkable or sanitary drainage, because it does not have a strong odor, although the sellers commented that sometimes it does generate a fetid odor and a bad image.

The problem affects dozens of tenants. “All the merchants have already reported it several times, they have already come, but they have not done anything, and it affects us a lot because when the cars pass, they splash very ugly and damage the merchandise,” he commented.

He reiterated that workers from the Water Commission have already gone, but it is the date that they do not repair the leak, even though you can see where the water that is spilling all day comes from.

Another of the merchants tried to understand that work is being done to improve the drainage network, but the leak is every day, with the exception of the previous weekend when a cruise ship arrived, since apparently the supply was closed to avoid the bad image.

Source: Quadratin