Three dismembered bodies abandoned in front of a supermarket in Acapulco

Abandonan 3 cuerpos desmembrados frente a supermercado en Acapulco

Mexican authorities reported on Saturday the discovery of three dismembered bodies, two men and a woman, in front of a supermarket in Acapulco, in an incident allegedly linked to a criminal group.

Initial investigations indicate that on Friday night armed men arrived at the parking lot and abandoned a white and yellow taxi, which had signs with messages from criminal groups, which caused fear among customers leaving the store.

The establishment even closed early and its workers left early from their shifts for the corresponding investigations.

Ministerial police, who confirmed the complaint on Saturday, cordoned off the crime scene for the corresponding investigations, while experts from the State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that the torsos of the people were inside black plastic bags.

Meanwhile, the legs, arms and heads were outside the bags, inside the trunk of the vehicle.

For this crime, investigated as a triple homicide, no one has been arrested and the human remains were left at the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) as unknown.

This is the second homicide in two months that has occurred in the parking lot of the store, a wholesale chain in the United States.

A shooting also occurred there on May 7, leaving two people killed in a van, as well as three detained by the National Guard, who were passing by the place and exchanged gunfire with the alleged hitmen.

In Acapulco, ministerial authorities have indicated that, in June alone, disputes between criminal groups left at least 77 intentional homicides, the second most violent month of 2024.

The murders occur after the federal government reported that May, before the June 2 elections, was the most violent month of the year, with 2,657 homicides, of which Guerrero accounted for 676, the eighth highest figure of the 32 states in the country.

Source: aristeguinoticias