CABO twins are born in the midst of the pandemic and their parents are thrown out on the street for not being able to pay the rent


A week after having her twins Natali and her partner were thrown into the street because they no longer had to pay the rent because the company where her husband worked had to close due to the health contingency.

” A week ago I just gave birth to my twins and as a result of this pandemic my husband lost his job, we could no longer pay the rent and they left us on the street, so we are going through a very difficult situation, because They are two babies and without a job we are worried, I saw the need to request support through social networks since we did not have milk for our children. ”

While staying on the street, a family offered them a wooden room in the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood in San José del Cabo, where Natali welcomed us, who despite the situation was happy for the arrival of her twins who, despite being born from 8 months are in good health, sitting on the bed without stopping to see their newborns, she shared with CPS News how in a couple of weeks they changed their lives.

” And we thought that the people where we rented were going to feel sorry for our children, but they only gave us three days, we felt very ugly because we had nowhere to go with our twins, things and with so little money, thanks to God, the neighbor is lending us this wooden room, this is the very difficult, desperate situation. ”

Recently they came from Acapulco Guerreo with the hope of finding a better job and thus be able to get ahead.

” My husband worked as a blacksmith and they were rested due to the pandemic and he has already gone to the supermarkets to look for work but has not found it. My boys who are twins, girl and boy, were premature but they are fine. ”

Fortunately, many people have supported her with milk and diapers, an action that the young mother is grateful for and continues to request the support of those who can donate from clothing, diapers, water, and some food, for more information call 6242401998.


The Mazatlan Post