Turn your bedroom into a luxury hotel suite


Yes, you can create a five-star hotel experience at home!

One of the best parts of travel is getting to stay in beautiful hotels, surrounded by soothing décor and thoughtful details. Until you’re able to do that again, why not take a cue from the best?

Here are 10 ways to turn your own bedroom into a haven worthy of the five-star Park Hyatt New York, pictured above. (Sorry, you’ll still have to make your own bed.)

DUX luxury bed

Photo courtesy of DUX

It begins with the bed

The centerpiece of every world-class hotel room is a bed so inviting, you’re tempted to skip the sightseeing and head off to dreamland instead. With unparalleled features including customizable support systems and adjustable lumbar support, it’s no wonder the DUX bed is the choice of so many prestigious hotels around the world.

Plus, research by The Karolinska Institute – which awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine – shows that those who sleep on a DUX bed not only fall asleep faster but remain in deep sleep longer. Buy one for yourself and you may never want to leave home again.

Frette linens

Photo courtesy of Mark Weinberg

Count thread instead of sheep

Nothing whispers luxury hotel more than layers of crisp white linens, especially when they’re bespoke. This white-on-white bedding was created exclusively for Kimpton hotels by Frette, the highly-coveted brand that has been outfitting top hotels since 1860.

The boutique hotel’s signature zebra print is elegantly woven into these 300 thread count cotton sateen sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover and shams, wrapping you in a cloud of comfort.

Swissotel pillows

Photo courtesy of Swissotel

Pillow talk

When it comes to pillows, the more, the better. Top hotels are now offering pillow menus so you can choose the one(s) you like best. At Swissotel, you can opt for the Down Around, the ergonomically shaped Neck Supporting Pillow Gelax, the classic Feather and Down Pillow, or – the piece de resistance – the Stone Pine Pillow.

Filled with Swiss pine wood shavings, the Stone Pine releases a calming scent of the Swiss Alps and offers the best support for your head and neck while gently lulling you to sleep. Don’t be surprised to find yourself yodeling instead of snoring.

EDITION Hotels faux fur throw

Photo courtesy of THE EDITION

Fee-fi-faux fur

Luxury hotel rooms are full of sensory experiences, and the faux fur throw from EDITION Hotels just begs to be touched. You can toss it over a chair or leave it at the foot of the bed for a tactile surprise, but chances are you’ll simply want to cuddle up under it so you can run your fingers through the lush texture.

This extravagant throw sees your luxury hotel room and raises it, making your home feel more like a castle.

Vertuo Next

Photo courtesy of Nespresso

Start the day right

A premium coffee maker is a luxury hotel room necessity, and the new Vertuo Next from Nespresso offers the perfect brewing experience. With the touch of a button, you can have a delicious cup of coffee, espresso or double espresso in your choice of sizes and flavors.

The gorgeous machine is available in a variety of colors, and it features an all-new design and technology. It’s slim and sophisticated looking, and it heats up in 25 seconds. Best of all, the easy-to-use aluminum capsules are fully recyclable.

Dallmann Confections chocolates

Photo courtesy of Dallmann Confections

End the day right

There’s a simple reason that luxury hotels place a beautiful piece of chocolate on your pillow at night: it makes you happy. Dallmann Confections, a favorite of some of the world’s best hotels, is an expert at making people happy. One look at their artisan chocolates and you’ll immediately understand why.

One bite of their sweet treats, featuring scrumptious combinations like lemongrass and mint, and bacon and smoked salt, and you’ll be reaching for another. Do yourself a favor and splurge on a 25-piece box because there’s no way you’ll be able to wait until evening to indulge.

Duravit SensoWash®

Photo courtesy of Duravit

A great bathroom is the ultimate luxury

There’s nothing like walking into your own spacious bathroom of a five-star hotel, with its soaking tub, rain shower head. and fancy toilet, to make you feel pampered. But even small home bathrooms can be elevated by additions like Duravit’s SensoWash®, which incorporates Rear-, Lady- and Comfortwash in its shower-toilet functionality as well as a heated seat, odor extraction and individual adjustments for water, air dryer and seat temperature.

Designed by Philippe Starck, this stylish and practical toilet-bidet combination is the perfect everyday luxury, especially during a time when toilet paper is at a premium. It’s worthy of being called “the ceramic throne.”

Fairmont bath linens

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Store

Substitute bath sheets for towels

Luxury hotels understand the importance of a good bath towel so they go one better, stocking their bathrooms with stacks of bath sheets, which are bigger and better. Fairmont offers bath sheets that are plush, absorbent, and oversized, adding a whole new level of opulence to your own humble bathroom.

Made of 100% cotton, they’re as fluffy and white as marshmallows. Coordinate a pile of washcloths and hand towels in the same line for a soft touch.

Ritz-Carlton bathrobe

Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Brand

Robes are for lounging

There’s something about hanging out in a hotel bathrobe that just makes you feel like a lady (or gentleman) of leisure. The iconic Ritz-Carlton offers a variety of styles, from their signature microfiber robe lined with the softest terry to a lightweight pique kimono and two different waffle weaves.

The famous logo is optional but it will make you stand a little taller when you step out of the shower and see it waiting for you.

Lather products

Photo courtesy of Lather

You can stop stealing the toiletries

All travelers have a collection of little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion they’ve taken home from their favorite hotel but now you can buy full sizes of the products you’ve fallen in love with. LATHER supplies top hotels with spa-worthy products containing ingredients like lemongrass, lavender lime, bergamot and mint thyme.

You’ll feel nurtured and rejuvenated as the luscious scents take you back to your luxury hotel stay.

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