10 most popular emojis in Mexico for 2020


Emojis are part of the Mexican way of communicating, emojis have become an essential element of communication, not only in Mexico but in every country in the world.

And sometimes the world seems so upside-down, so irrevocably messed up and bizarre, there are hardly words to describe it.

Thank goodness we have emojis. In honor of World Emoji Day (July 17), let’s look at some of the latest stats from Emojipedia, the most sacred source of emoji knowledge.

In April 2020, the most popular emojis on Twitter were as follows. (The top three make a pretty good narrative of what social media was like during the early days of the pandemic. Oh, how innocent we all were.)

  1. Face with Tears of Joy ?
  2. Loudly Crying Face ?
  3. Pleading Face ?
  4. Rolling On the Floor Laughing ?
  5. Red Heart ❤️
  6. Sparkles
  7. Smiling Face with Heart Eyes ?
  8. Folded Hands ?
  9. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes ?
  10. Smiling Face with Hearts ?

Glad everyone was able to keep it (relatively) positive. Now, in the same way that any major historical event influences language and communication, the coronavirus has also influenced the way people use emojis. Quick — if you had to bang out one emoji to express our Covid-19 culture, what would it be?

There won't be new emoji in 2021 because of coronavirus

There won’t be new emoji in 2021 because of coronavirus If you said “Face with Medical Mask,” welcome to the majority. ???Emojipedia analyzed what emojis were most often included in conversations about the coronavirus.

The responsible little mask-wearing face was the top result, but people are also using the Nauseated Face ?, Face Vomiting ?, Sneezing Face ?, and Face with a Thermometer ?.Lovely. Of course, you have plenty of other options to express wherever you are in your own personal journey. There are currently 3,304 little pictograms in the Unicode Standard, including the 117 added as part of this year’s Emoji 13.0 release. According to Emojipedia’s stats, 5 billion emojis are used on Facebook messenger every day. And yes, they are fully aware you’re not actually using the peach emoji to talk about fruit

Source: cnn.com

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