How about a movie theater just for you and your family? Yes, Cinemex will rent you from 700 pesos


The rooms that can be reserved are of the Platinum type, which features wide and reclining seats.

The Cinemex chain of cinemas launched, for the confidence of the attendees, the option that you can reserve an entire room for you and yours.

The cost and capacity per room varies from Monday to Thursday:

-For 5 people is 700 pesos

-For 10 people it is 1,100 pesos.

In case the feature presentation you want to reserve is from Friday to Sunday, the cost for 5 people is 850 pesos, and for 10 people 1,400 pesos.

The movies and schedules that are part of this option are those proposed by the company.

The rooms that can be reserved are of the Platinum type, which have wide and reclining seats, in addition to the order of popcorn, food & beverages can be done from your seat.

Theaters were reopened on August 12 in Mexico City at 30 percent of their capacity, and in some other states, they will reopen as of this month.


In July, Cinemex reported that it would have to close four of its complexes due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Between April and June they accumulated losses due to the health emergency.

“The return is going to be slow, but with constant growth. We see the numbers in a positive trend, which will undoubtedly improve as the governments of each state let us open, ”Cinemex said on a July 20th statement.