How to Make Your Golfing Sessions Much More Enjoyable


Golfing is a great game that is meant for you to relax after a long stressful day of work. Unfortunately, in reality, golf is extremely stressful. People are constantly looking to beat their old score, lugging clubs from one hole to another, and worrying about where they hit the ball. Wouldn’t you like to get back to the days when you enjoyed golf and every hole? Here are some ways that you can make your golf session that much more enjoyable.

A Good Push Cart

Any golfer will tell you that carrying around your clubs from hole to hole is the worst experience. Even for the younger people, their back starts to hurt and they start to break a sweat. How can you get around this? You can look into buying yourself a good pushcart to mount your clubs on. The experts at, say that a good pushcart will easily allow you to move from hole to hole with little exertion at all. If you carry an extremely large amount of clubs, this is a mandatory thing for you. Pushcarts will make any golf session that much better as you can focus on the game more.

A Golf Cart

If you want to get a little fancier than a pushcart, you can look into spending more money and renting yourself a golf cart. This is one of the best ways to enjoy golf as now you are having fun driving from hole to hole. Keep in mind however that these can be quite expensive to rent and it will add up if you get them every round. If you want to make the journey from hole to hole that much better, rent a golf cart at the course you are at.

Play Best Ball

The best ball is a great way to bring beginners out to the golf course without having them get extremely frustrated while doing so. Golf is not a beginner-friendly game and you can quickly lose interest if you are constantly losing your ball or hitting it into the rough or another hazard. The best way to combat that is to play the best ball.

How does it work? Everyone in the group will take their tee shot as per usual, however, everyone will shoot from the location of the best shot. This means as a beginner that you can hit the ball without fear of playing it from a hazard as you can fall back to another person’s ball and play yours from there. It will teach you the basics of the game and allow you to practice a multitude of techniques.

Throw Away the Scorecard

A lot of the frustration that comes with golf comes from the player not living up to their expectations. On the golf course, you will often hear people saying how they shot so much better the other day or I could have played that hole that much better. By throwing away the scorecard and not tracking how you are doing, you can allow yourself to be fully immersed in the game and getting better. You won’t know for sure how well you are playing, and therefore you will not be able to compare yourself to any of your previous scores. It will allow you to golf in a much more relaxed state.

Add Your Own Rules

Just like with any board game, people often add house rules to them to improve the experience for everyone playing. Why not do this with golf as well? Grab a few buddies and add some interesting twists and rules to the game that can keep everyone on their toes and get them excited about each hole. The rules should add to the game, not make it more frustrating, so take the time to test these rules out and see what works and what doesn’t.

Shorten Your Rounds

There comes a time in any sport when a person has had enough and gets bored with what they are doing. There is no shortage of this in golf. By the thirteenth hole, most people are checked out, wanting to leave and go home, yet they finish the round because they paid for it. This will result in them not wanting to come back and golf. Look to play shorter rounds, such as nine holes, or even twelve holes. This will keep you engaged throughout the whole time without overdoing it.

These are all great ways to improve your golf game and make things more enjoyable while you do it. At the end of the day, golf is just a game so you should be having a ton of fun as you play. How do you plan on making your golf sessions better?

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