Puerto Escondido Oaxaca: surf, beach and environment


OAXACA: Some of the best waves in the world for surfing, spectacular beaches, and the habitat of unique species are the main faces of this destination. Although Puerto Escondido always has something more to show

21 Things to do in Puerto Escondido - Guide for Travelers (& non-surfers!)

In the distance, surfers look like a group of colorful dots on the ocean waves. As soon as the sun rises in Zicatela, one of the main beaches of Puerto Escondido, and athletes gather to enjoy an extraordinary day. The not-so-adrenaline fanatics watch them closely from the comfort of the warm sand.

Huatulco turtles

Puerto Escondido –or just Puerto, as its inhabitants call it– is a destination synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment. Its offer of tourist activities and services is infinite. Diving, bird watching, snorkeling, boat rides, ATVs, bicycles, rock climbing, and fun and a
cosmopolitan nightlife makes this destination the ideal place for a wide variety of visitors.

Another activity to have contact with nature is lived in the Lagunas de Manialtepec, where bioluminescence is appreciated at certain times of the year. This phenomenon occurs due to the unique alchemy of ocean currents and the temperature of the water that attracts a type of plankton to the lagoon. The experience is magical in the dark of night.

Puerto Escondido Oaxaca: Relax, surf y buena vida - ¡Visitalo!

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Costa Oaxaca

Puerto Escondido combines extreme adventures and engaging activities for the environmentally conscious traveler. What is certain is that you will not regret visiting it.

Zicatela y Puerto Escondido | Sierra Victoria

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