Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo tourist welcome reforms to the national property laws


* Fines of more than 1 million pesos are foreseen for those who prohibit access to beaches

Tourists consider that justice will be done to the locals with the decision of the Senate of the Republic for the reforms to the General Law of National Assets to be able to re-enter the beaches that were privatized hotel companies, but it will require that a responsible use be established of the spas.

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On the subject, the tourist Antonio Rauda, ​​expresses that it is a decision that in Zihuatanejo must be applied since there are at least 11 private beaches for real estate developments.

It points out that in the Ixtapa Comprehensively Planned Center the beaches with restricted access are: Realito and Oliverio, located in front of the Meliá Azul Ixtapa hotel; Quieta, from Club Med; Sad, Cuatas and Don Juan, in Punta Ixtapa; Don Rodrigo and Vista Hermosa at the Brisas Ixtapa hotel.

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In Zihuatanejo, the resorts that people can enter by sidewalks but only to some parts are La Majahua, Contramar, and El Almacén owned by the Monte Cristo and Puerto Mío consortiums.

As Ixtapa merchants, they point out that there are even fines of more than one million pesos for individuals who prohibit access to beaches and the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone.

Guía de Las Playas en Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Troncones y Barra de Potosí en  Guerrero, México

“It is assumed that now the entrance to the beaches can no longer be conditioned and it is something that does justice because many already only remember those beaches but after Ixtapa was developed they were in the hands of individuals.”

Those consulted point out that it is a decision that took years to be taken, but with the change in federal administration, the Ministry of Tourism began a mapping of tourist places where there are private beaches in order to return that space to Mexicans, “it is something that the federal administrations did not contemplate but now we hope that it will be different and that soon we can visit those spas again ”.

Guía de Las Playas en Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa, Troncones y Barra de Potosí en  Guerrero, México

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