Vaccination begins in Zihuatanejo and throughout Guerrero


Without setbacks, the vaccination against Covid-19 began for health personnel in Guerrero

Zihuatanejo, January 13, 2021.- This morning the coronavirus vaccination campaign began for medical personnel from the “Bernardo Sepulveda Gutiérrez” general hospital in Zihuatanejo who work in the Covid-19 area.

The organization process was coordinated by federal government brigades who registered each of the people, from doctors to nurses, and in this case, the first vaccinated person was nurse Ana Karen who works in the Triage area of ​​the referred hospital.

In that sense, the head of the health jurisdiction in Costa Grande Juan Manuel Álvarez Barajas said that the batch of vaccines was received yesterday afternoon at the Zihuatanejo international airport by the director of the Víctor Echeverría hospital.

He explained that the batch of vaccines consists of 440 doses that were distributed in the general hospital, in the hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Zihuatanejo, and in that of the Union of Isidoro Montés de Oca.

Álvarez Barajas said that the list was provided by each clinic so that the vaccines are applied only to personnel who work in the front line, “that is, those who are in the Covid areas or pavilions and in that respect, the navy and the army are those who control that the instructions of the Federal Secretary of Health (SSA) are followed.

The vaccine was distributed from Chilpancingo to Tlapa, Iguala, Taxco and Tierra Caliente and Chilapa

The Secretary of Health, Carlos de la Peña Pintos explained the logistics that were used after the Covid-19 vaccine will arrive in the state this Tuesday and its distribution.

The official said that the vaccines were received in Chilpancingo by the director of the General Hospital Raimundo Abarca Alarcón and stored in the refrigerator area that has the necessary characteristics to preserve them.

Since Tuesday, the vaccine was distributed from Chilpancingo to Tlapa, Iguala, Taxco, and Tierra Caliente, and this Wednesday it will be taken to Chilapa; While in Acapulco, where he said, he went on behalf of the state government, he received the vaccines, distributed to the various institutions and distributed to municipalities such as Ometepec, while in Zihuatanejo, after also receiving a batch of vaccines, they were distributed for Social Security and the General Hospital of that municipality as well as the IMSS-Bienestar.

“In total, in all the hospitals where there are Covid hospitals, the vaccine was distributed, today-yesterday-it is already being vaccinated in all the sites, on Mayan day-today-it will begin at the Covid Hospital of Chilapa, how many vaccines are They received 9,800 and twenty for the entire sector, this first line of vaccination ”, he indicated.

The idea is that all vaccines are applied in three days, according to the indications they have, while the next dose will be waiting when they arrive, but I point out that this second dose must be applied within the following 21 days.

I highlight the support and coordination of institutions such as the Secretary of the Navy, the National Defense, and the National Guard to duly protect the Coronavirus vaccine.

As for the Covid-19 figures in the state, he said that Guerrero reached 27 thousand three hundred eight confirmed cases and 2799 deaths; while one hundred and forty-two cases were added to the new cases, which maintains an undulating behavior.

I point out that Taxco has now surpassed Iguala in terms of active cases according to the population density per one hundred thousand inhabitants; He also mentioned that in the matter of hospitalization there is an increase, with 337 hospitalized patients and fifty-six intubated.

“What is the trend in terms of deaths, today we have an average of 15.2 deaths per day so far this month of January, we also have in what refers to the percentage of hospitalization 52 percent hospitalization nationwide fifty-five eight percent in non-intubated patients, we are below the average with 52 percent ”, he pointed out.

As for intubated patients, the national average is 59, while in the state the percentage is twenty-eight percent of ventilator occupancy, he indicated. 

The first doses of vaccines arrived in Guerrero to start the National Vaccination Strategy against COVID-19

The first 9,820 doses of vaccines arrived in the state of Guerrero to begin immunizing, starting this Wednesday, 100% of the health personnel fighting the pandemic in the first line of the COVID hospitals in the entity.

In accordance with the Vaccine Transfer and Distribution Plan, it was received in Chilpancingo, Acapulco, and Zihuatanejo, by the Vaccination Brigades made up of personnel from the Navy, National Defense and Welfare Secretariats, as well as by doctors from the different COVID hospitals, with the aim of making the immunization process transparent. 

It is important to note that according to the National Vaccination Strategy against COVID-19, the application will be carried out in the headquarters established for the seven regions in the state of Guerrero, where in a staggered manner, it will be received by all the personnel that makes up the System of National Health that fights the pandemic in the first line of patient care. 

The reception of the vaccine was coordinated by the Presidency of the Republic, through the Lieutenant Commander of the Naval Health Service Margarita Hernández Hernández, from the Secretary of the Navy, who serves as the State Coordinator of the Covid-19 Vaccination Plan in the Warrior status. 

In Acapulco, she was received with the support of Dr. Carlos de la Peña Pintos, Secretary of State for Health, Ms. Marcela Fuentes Borja, State Responsible for the Universal Vaccination Program, as well as Doctors Félix Eduardo Ponce and Salomón García Andraca, Directors of the general hospitals of Acapulco and Vicente Guerrero, respectively, as well as Iván Hernández Díaz, Federal Delegate of the Ministry of Welfare.

Portal Oficial del Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero

When presenting the technical report on the evolution of Covid-19 in the entity, Carlos de la Peña Pintos explained that Guerrero accumulates 27 thousand 308 positive cases and 2 thousand 799 deaths.

In the last 24 hours,
142 new cases were registered and 559 active cases remain, Taxco being the municipality that registers the highest incidence in this area.

De la Peña Pintos indicated that there are 337 hospitalized patients, 135 of them stable, 146 serious and 56 intubated, maintaining an average hospitalization of 52 percent, below the national average of 58 percent, deaths remain at an average 15.2 deaths per day.


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