Mexicans travel for covid vaccine to Texas, California, and Florida


Mexican citizens are traveling to the United States to get vaccinated against covid-19 in border cities. They are thus popularizing vaccination tourism among those who have the economic capacity to move and reside in that country for the time they receive both doses or among those who live in the border area and can cross legally.

In Texas, California, and even Florida, vaccination tourism has been documented. (AFP) © Provided by Milenio In Texas, California, and even Florida, vaccination tourism has been documented. (AFP)

Without the need to be residents or have dual nationality, some people with relatives or properties in that country and even those who have organized long vacations there, are taking the opportunity to get vaccinated due to the lack of certainty of the National Vaccination Plan in Mexico.

Mexicanos viajan a Estados Unidos para aplicarse vacuna anticovid

In Texas, California, and even Florida, vaccination tourism has been documented. In the vaccination modules of cities such as McAllen, San Antonio, Houston, or El Paso, in Texas, long lines have been observed, in which the majority are Mexican.

In social networks, Mexicans share the requirements by state to be able to be vaccinated in the United States. Some comments refer that it is only possible to get vaccinated if it involves health personnel, hospital patients, or older adults. Others indicate that when registering they will ask them to prove that they have a property in that country.

Others say that simply by being in line for several days, they managed to get vaccinated.

In Texas, the most popular destination for vaccination tourism, the Department of Health Services reported that vaccines are available for primary health care workers, 65 years of age or older, or those over 16 years of age with chronic diseases, as well as for pregnant women, regardless of nationality or immigration status. 

Milenio TV obtained a vaccination card that was given to an older Mexican adult who managed to get vaccinated in Florida during his vacations when he visited his daughter who lives in that country. The card contains the vaccination date, the vaccine you received, and the date of the second dose.

When registering, they did not ask for anything, they simply asked him to appear at the vaccination module on the date indicated.

The show host and journalist Juan José Origel had the same fate. He reported that he had been vaccinated in the United States, because in Mexico they still do not allow it.

Another Mexican who was vaccinated in the United States was the three-time mayor of San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, Mauricio Fernández. On January 21, he received the dose in Fresno, California.

In social networks, it has been invited to stop vaccination tourism, because if higher requirements are requested, undocumented migrants or vulnerable people in the United States could be affected. 


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