Twitter cancels “irregular” accounts linked to AMLO’s 4T


The Director of Public Policy of Twitter Mexico and Latin America, Hugo Rodríguez Nicolat, spoke to the local media after President Andrés Manuel López Obrador referred to him as a PAN member as several Twitter accounts related to 4T were suspended from this platform.

Rodríguez Nicolat explained that the suspension of various accounts, including those of @Miriam_Junne, @ElReyTuitero and @LOVREGA , was due to three main reasons.

The first reason is the creation of multiple accounts of a person for the same purpose, the second is that they are automated accounts, and the third is that these are considered fake accounts.

” It is as if they were digitally created to support AMLO” he explained in a remote conference to the media .

Regarding the signaling of bots, he affirmed that the platform does not admit political propaganda, and that somebody must be financing them.

He clarified that this approach with the media is to “leave no precedent that fuels legislative impulses,” although he clarified that he is not aware of any legislator who is preparing an initiative to regulate Twitter.

He noted, however, a contradiction between the President’s speech and that of his followers:

Hugo Rodríguez Nicolat

“The President says he is in favor of freedom of expression , and yet there are his followers who want to legislate.”

Regarding his approach to the National Palace to be able to talk with the president, he assured that they only need to be granted a date for the meeting, and even affirmed that he has had communication with the spokesman for the Presidency, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas.

” I spoke with the president’s spokesperson, the invitation was extended to us, and we accept they just have to tell us when.”

It should be remembered that on January 20, the President presented the curriculum of the Director of Public Policy of Twitter Mexico and Latin America and indicated that he is a supporter of the PAN political party.

“In the case of social networks, the director of Twitter in Mexico was a militant or sympathizer very close to the PAN, the one who currently manages Twitter, was an advisor to a very famous PAN senator … and since my chest is not a winery, we just hope that do your job in a professional manner, do not promote the creation of bot farms, ” said the president during his morning conference.

In addition, he indicated that the Twitter executive was director of logistics in the transition team of the then-president-elect of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, in 2006.

In response, Twitter Mexico pointed out that no person from the social network is responsible, alone, “for our policies or compliance actions, and it is regrettable to see comments directed at our employees as solely responsible for the decisions or rules of the company”.

“It is important to remember that Twitter spokesmen do not make compliance decisions. And they do not participate in the process of reviewing them. This occurs in a collegiate process, based on rules and processes, not on private interests,” the company said.

Source: Vanguardia

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