Mexico Magical beachfront eco-luxury treehouses, find out where?


Playa Viva takes regenerative travel to the next level with 6 new luxury treehouses, a massive collaborative project to improve the region’s watershed. This Mexican beachfront resort provides the ultimate guest experience.

Located 35 minutes south of the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport on more than 1,500 meters of pristine beach on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Playa Viva, the founding member of Regenerative Travel, welcomes visitors for its 13th season with the opening of six new luxurious bamboo treehouses, plus a host of other property improvements and further positive environmental impact. Surrounded by lush green palm trees, this resort, one of the first to be built using the regenerative process, has entered a completely new and innovative phase of development.


The new treehouses, which opened Nov. 1, were designed based on drone footage of the Mobula ray migration happening in front of the resort. Designed by Nomadic Resorts, these soon-to-be-iconic treehouses are built into palm trees facing the sea. Construction is led by Jorg Stamm, who has developed world-class projects from Colombia to Bali, including the renowned Green School. The construction materials come from the own harvest of bamboo and palm leaves for the roofs of the palapas. All landscaping and vegetation is also grown on-site in a nursery run by local women entrepreneurs who are supported by Playa Viva.

The treehouses are suspended in the air, in the middle of the palm trees. The palm trees are part of the original regenerative design by Bill Reed and the Regenesis Group. Palm trees transplanted from the property’s own coconut palm serve as living docks and provide plant tissue to protect the dunes. These treehouses are made up of two buildings. The “hanger” in the front includes a king bed and a hammock suspended above the ground. The “bathroom” house has a private bathroom downstairs and a second bedroom/living room upstairs, equipped with sofa beds and a desk area.

Perhaps the most unique design is the “ Wing ” treehouse. The front “perch” of this room was inspired by the wing of the Manta Ray, and it also has a king bed and a hammock that extends over the front with perfect oceanfront views. The bathhouse is the same as the Manta Ray tree houses.

Inspired by the original award-winning Playa Viva treehouse designed by Deture Culsign (and built by ArtisTree ), the “ New Jet” treehouse has the same conical shape that the Playa Viva property has become known for. The perch in this treehouse contains a king bed and also a downstairs ensuite bathhouse and upstairs parlor.

In addition to the new treehouses, Playa Viva has made other improvements to make the guest experience better than ever. An enhanced culinary program led by Chef Daniel includes personalized dining options. The kitchen continues to source ingredients from the on-site farm and now even grows enough produce to sell to other restaurants in the area. Some of these ingredients include coconuts, mangoes, cashews, tamarind, tomatoes, lettuce, cacti, and many other earthly delicacies, especially cocoa for homemade chocolate. A redesigned common area and beachfront bar continue to build community among guests staying at the property.

Playa Viva offers activities for all types of guests, from couples and families to groups of all sizes. Guests can participate in daily beachside yoga classes, choose from a variety of massage services, and visit the resort’s sea turtle sanctuary. Local operators lead excursions to explore the stunning natural landscape of the coast and the region’s local communities, providing a meaningful personal engagement with the people and the environment.


The resort is also actively involved in impact work projects that promote positive impact within local communities and the environment. In addition to working within Juluchuca, the closest city, and surrounding areas, the Playa Viva team is dedicated to improving education, health, and economic development in the area. Playa Viva has begun working with sustainable farming and ranching groups and groups like Radix / Teach for MexicoFCEA (Communication and Environmental Education Fund) and FMCN (Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature); as well as members of the local community and LegacyWorks, a community-driven impact group, to regenerate the entire watershed in the region. This Regenerative Watershed program will improve local land and water for all and builds on Playa Viva’s deep relationships in the watershed, connecting the headwaters of the Juluchuca River with the estuary that forms when the river hits the ocean’s sandbar. and back through the property.


A unique destination, Playa Viva has something for everyone. Guests will enjoy the wild and unspoiled beauty of Mexico in an environmentally conscious resort dedicated to sustainability and regenerative practices. Choose from 18 eco-luxury rooms, each with beach views, including our award-winning oceanfront Treehouse. Immerse yourself in nature, attend our morning yoga practice or even host a beachside yoga retreat, volunteer at the turtle sanctuary, give back to the local community, take part in a workshop, or just totally relax in paradise. Book your stay today and experience the bounty of the local ecosystem as you help it thrive.

The Rates
range from $265-$620 per night. Room rates are based on the season and per person in the room. The seasons are divided into low, high (generally from November to May), and holidays (only includes Christmas and New Years’ weeks). Room rates are based on double occupancy and price drops for single occupancy. Additional fees are included for each adult (18 years and older) or child (5-17) added to the room. Babies (less than 5) have no additional charge. Rates include airport ground transportation (to and from ZIH), all meals (including snacks), all beverages (except bar, mixed drinks, smoothies, and organic coconuts), daily yoga, WiFi in common areas, as well as tips, taxes, and a donation to the Regenerative Trust.

How to get there

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport is located in the municipality of José Azueta in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific Coast of Mexico about 240 km (approx. 144 miles) northwest of Acapulco. The modern tourist resort of Ixtapa is only 5 km away.

By Bus

Within Mexico, buses are the most popular way to travel: you can board ultramodern, superdeluxe motor coaches that show U.S. movies and serve soft drinks, coffee, and sandwiches.

By Car

Recommended from Mexico City – Routes “Autopista Del Sol” (60% of the total distance to our resort is through toll-way) or “Autopista Siglo XXI” (90% of the total distance is toll-way); total traveling time is very similar for both highways (about 8 hours).

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