Zihuantanejo promotional tour of Puebla


Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.- In the next two days, the municipal president Jorge Sánchez Allec will visit the city of Puebla, where he will carry out an intense tourist promotion, presenting videos and various materials of the places most visited by the sightseeing.

In an interview with reporters, Sánchez Allec told an express question that charter flights from Canada are ending, but frequencies from several major cities in the United States will continue to be offered, which allows good hotel room occupancies to continue.

For now, said the interviewee, on the 12th of this month they will welcome the first plane that will cover the Puebla-Zihuatanejo route, which was managed during the last Tianguis Turístico.

In the promotion tour in Puebla, they will be attended by the head of the Business Coordinating Council.

An unprecedented promotion will be made seeking to make Zihuatanejo the favorite beach of the people of Puebla.

In another sense, when President Sánchez Allec was questioned if there are possibilities of an aerial frequency from Europe to Zihuatanejo, he replied that they are working on a project that is clearly real and they will seek to bring it as soon as possible.

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