Taxco, home of a unique off road route


One more journey for fans of this discipline in Mexico took place during the second weekend of June. Little more than 20 kilometers between nature took the participants away from the stress of the city.

This Magical Town, located in the state of Guerrero, characterized by its colonial architecture and jewelry production, was the venue for the third Extreme Road, an event that is part of the National Off Road Circuit.

In the same way that it has happened on other occasions, this date brought together expert and novice drivers, since the objective of this series is for off-road car drivers to investigate into this discipline to discover the capabilities of their vehicle.

The atmosphere of this place made this event even more special. Settled at an altitude of 1,778, received drivers from different states of the country such as the State of Mexico, Puebla, Mexico City, among others.

Despite the 29°C that the thermometer marked, the beauty of the site embodied in buildings such as the Temple of Santa Prisca together with its gastronomy, made the participants enjoy the weekend with their loved ones.

The slopes were one of the main challenges because in some cases they exceeded a 40° inclination, to which was added the slippery floor.

The agency AutoSSoni Jeep Cuernavaca was responsible for organizing the route. For this, the starting point and venue of the event was the Hotel Taxco where those responsible welcomed all the crews that were divided into 15 Jeep brand vehicles, of which eight were JL Rubicon, two were JL Sahara, two Pick Up JT, and a Jeep JK.

The route was designed and directed by Bosco’s Camp 4×4, which, as on other occasions, formed a route that combined sections with a high degree of difficulty, but with an initial section specially designed for inexperienced drivers in which they learned about the basic equipment and systems of an off-road car as well as basic driving technique.

The Wrangler pick up version is sometimes more practical because it allows you to carry larger objects such as a motorcycle.

Already at the starting point of the off road section, about 15 kilometers from the starting point, the horizon changed completely. Mountains and wooded areas kept the participants away from the noise of the freeway. After listening to the last instructions, the route leader led the drivers through steps, deep trenches and mud flats until they reached the petrified dunes, a vast area where wind and erosion over millions of years left exposed the rocky surface of the region. Here the scenery suddenly changed, the ascents and descents exceeded 42° of inclination.

The technical advantages of Jeep vehicles, such as the software that displays the off-road pages on the central screen and that projects the inclinometer in real time (to avoid exceeding the capacity of the car and suffering a rollover), as well as the distribution of traction on both axles combined with the gearbox in the 4low position and the differential lock, they managed to get the drivers to complete this challenge without presenting a single chance of danger. The route covered 24 kilometers while the weather was 30°C in the area.

Shortly before 7 in the evening, the caravan returned to the host hotel to conclude with dinner and fellowship. This route brought families and friends together, in addition the drivers achieved a greater conjunction with their vehicle by gaining confidence and realizing what they are capable of far from the city and the pavement.

Source: El Econimista