Victims from Acapulco prefer to work in Cancun than in Zihuatanejo


The Ixtapa Zihuatanejo Hotel Association revealed that, although six hotel chains in that destination are offering work to the victims, they prefer to move to Cancun due to the job offer they find in the Mexican Caribbean.

Jesús García Mendoza, president of the association, explained that, although they opened the vacancies three weeks ago, the response has been little, since they understand that, since the passage of Hurricane Otis, employees are leaving on flights to Cancún, which complicates your recruiting mission.

“We started this initiative several weeks ago, the objective was to help the victims of Acapulco, because it was in the same state, we believed that they would accept, but we were surprised that they are already going to Cancún, we believe that an important factor is that in the Mexican Caribbean they are offering them homes, and here in Ixtapa they are already occupied by other workers,” he said.

The interviewee explained that another important factor is the number of vacancies, because while they offer between 300 and 400, in Cancun there are more than five thousand, derived from the staff deficit and the opening of new hotels, while in terms of salaries, he explained that they are the pair.

“In Quintana Roo there is a greater offer, because there are also many more hotels, we have sister chains there that report a lack of staff, it is very difficult for them to hire staff all year round, that is why they are looking in other states, and it is precisely what is happening with the people of Acapulco,” he explained.

It is worth remembering that the Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres reported that there is between a five to 15 percent deficit in the lodging centers, so hotels require full staff to carry out good operation and personnel are continually being sought.

“We still have a deficit of between five to 15 percent, it varies in each hotel, so as you can see we don’t have too many people, on the contrary we have to maintain it so that we don’t have to struggle in the high seasons,” said Eduardo Domínguez Ibarra, vice president of the association.

Source: Por Esto