Tourism has not yet fully arrived in Zihuatanejo, says La Ropa restaurateur


Carlos Gutiérrez Farías, a restaurateur at La Ropa beach, stated that so far during the Easter holiday period, this beach location is not yet saturated with tourists compared to previous years. “The tourism we were expecting has arrived, I believe that both the tourism sector and the different levels of government have prepared, and we see clean beaches, we see tourists enjoying the beaches, but it is not saturated,” declared Gutiérrez Farías.

This Thursday, La Ropa beach, located in the bay of Zihuatanejo, was bustling with dozens of tourists along its nearly three kilometers of length, as well as with the traditional street vendors, who offered a variety of products and services to the bathers.

Gutiérrez Farías asserted that this holiday season, “we see more order in every way. I don’t know if a stronger volume of tourists has yet to arrive, but as of today, Thursday, it even looks calm. There is consumption, there are tourists, there is what we need to be economically well, to provide good service, but we believe that in the following days the demand for tourist services will double.”

He reiterated that, “what we are not seeing is a saturation of people. There are years when, honestly, there are not even chairs for people to sit on, we see from 50 to 100 people wandering all over the beach, right now everything looks calm, it looks relaxed, there is good weather, the people who come to enjoy the services of restaurants and hotels are making use of the facilities and it is not saturated, I think that is very important.”

“We hope that it will be a week without incidents, that the lifeguards are as they should be, the police, and that we, the providers of tourist services, give the best of ourselves so that this tourism returns next year,” he pointed out.

Source: El Sur