At the End of Acamoto, Occupancy Reaches 87.6% in the 9,461 Refurbished Rooms


The motorcycle rally that began on Thursday and ended this Sunday generated an overall occupancy of 31.3 percent.

Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, May 20, 2024. The Guerrero Tourism Secretariat reported that the hotel room rental on the last day of Acamoto was 87.6 percent in its 9,461 refurbished hotel rooms, and considering the 19,600 rooms, it was 42.28 percent.

The motorcycle rally that started on Thursday and ended this Sunday generated an overall occupancy considering the 19,600 rooms of 31.3 percent. In contrast, the Acamoto 2023, which took place on May 20 and 21, had an overall occupancy of 72.9 percent.

The state’s Tourism Secretariat reported that the area with the highest attendance this Sunday was the Dorada with 93.8 percent, followed by the traditional area with 85.2 percent, and the Diamante with 80.8 percent, giving an overall of 87.6 percent.

By cities, Ixtapa reached 87.8 percent of rented hotel rooms, in Zihuatanejo it was 59.7 percent, and in Taxco 66.2 percent, adding up to 84.2 percent for Guerrero.

The manager of Hotel Playa Suites, Fernando Robledo, indicated that for the lodging, the event did not represent an increase in the occupancy of hotel rooms, as there were already groups of visitors who had contracted packages in advance.

He said that there were only 37 rooms occupied by families who did attend the event, out of a total of almost 500 rooms of the lodging, the rest was occupied by a soccer team and their relatives, and another large group of older adults.

In contrast, in the traditional area, about 900 available rooms were fully occupied for the four days of the event, said the president of the hoteliers and restaurateurs of that area, Francisco Aguilar Ordóñez.

The sector representative indicated that 100 percent of the 53 affiliated hotels reported full occupancy, as well as the other small hotels that are not integrated.

He reported that on Thursday, occupancy was around 40 percent, but the hoteliers’ bet was on people who came at the last minute, who took over the rooms. In that area, the average room cost for two people is 750 pesos.

Aguilar Ordóñez acknowledged that the concentration of motorcyclists is very controversial, due to the excessive speed at which they ride the motorcycles, in addition to making a lot of noise and being annoying to other visitors and the people of Acapulco themselves, and he recognized that despite this, “there is freedom.”

He also criticized the double discourse of some hotels that complained about the event and spoke out against it, but their lodgings in their parking lots were jammed with motorcycles.

Meanwhile, this Sunday, the hotel occupancy in Ixtapa was 87.8 percent; in the magical town of Zihuatanejo, the occupied hotel rooms registered a percentage of 59.7 percent, while the timeshares in this beach destination had 50.2 percentage points of occupancy, according to statistics reported by the state Tourism Secretariat.

Yesterday, Sunday, around midday, the boulevard of the hotel zone I of Ixtapa became congested because dozens of buses and Splinter-type trucks that transport tourists on excursions were entering and leaving the large hotels to pick them up and return to their places of origin.

This weekend, the arrival of this type of transport was more noticeable than private vehicles, although in most of the parking lots of the large hotels, they were observed to be almost full with cars with license plates from other states of the country.

Source: Sur Acapulco