Puerto Vicente Guerrero Stands Ready for Tourism


Restaurateurs in Puerto Vicente Guerrero have indicated that most establishments are up and running, while others are about to finish rehabilitation on the docks and ramadas that were damaged after the passage of tropical storm Max. They have announced that they are ready to welcome tourists for the December holiday season.

The president of the Association of Tourist and Commercial Service Providers of Puerto Vicente Guerrero, José Martínez Espino, announced that 43 days after the passage of the tropical storm, they are standing and waiting for tourism.

The businessman said that, fortunately, they were financially supported a week after the tropical storm passed, and the Secretary of Economic Development and Promotion gave them money that was enough to buy wood and sheets to rebuild the docks.

Regarding the long weekend that has just concluded, he noted that there were not many people and the movement is slow, but they hope to recover economically during the December holidays.

Source: Meganoticias