Municipalities reject sanitizations in Oaxaca; accusing them of infecting them with covid-19 instead


Authorities from nine municipalities rejected the sanitizations after audios were released on social networks spreading false information about the new coronavirus spreading during these works.

After audios were released on social networks in which the authorities are accused of spreading the new Sars-CoV2 coronavirus during the sanitizations of public spaces, nine municipalities of Oaxaca they refused to allow these tasks to continue, so the disinfection work in these communities was stopped.

Pueblo de Oaxaca

The assemblies of the municipalities of Santa María Atzompa, San Antonio de la Cal, San Dionisio Ocotepec, San Andrés Zautla, Animas Trujano, Tlalixtac de Cabrera, San Agustín Yatareni and Reyes Etla refused to allow sanitizations to be carried out in their communities and sent their decision To the head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction, Mario Martínez Rojas, who had to order the sanitation program of the municipalities to avoid acts of violence.

The official regretted the communities’ decision, explaining that he stopped the work since in two municipalities attacks were reported against the brigadistas who sprayed the sanitizer.

Pobladores de Oaxaca rechazan sanitización

He clarified that sanitation actions are carried out by the Vector area according to the number of cases of covid-19 that is registered in each municipality, and it is decided to spread a sanitizer to reduce the network of infections.

“Unfortunately, there are places where its inhabitants have protested against sanitation, and this is due to the fact that external agents and outside groups have broadcast videos and audios on social networks where it is noted that the work of disinfecting the environment carried out by part of the Ministry of Health spread the massive contagion of covid-19, “he said.

He reproached that there is misinformation and bad faith of these people who are the ones who broadcast audios through WhatsApp groups in which they assure that these brigades are spreading the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Cyber ​​Police began an investigation of some of the phone numbers where this false information is disseminated to start the investigation folders and capture those responsible who have to face justice for generating anger and the division of the towns.

The head of the fire department, Manuel Maza Sánchez, specified that the substance that is spread in the environment with the sprinklers is nothing more than water, soap, and chlorine. He explained that the brigades only work to clean streets and public spaces with the intention of reducing the network of infections of the covid-19.

Authorities attend to migrants who presented symptoms of the disease.

Reported possible covid-19 outbreak at a migrant shelter in Oaxaca

The Hermanos del Camino migrant shelter, located in the municipality of Ciudad Ixtepec, Oaxaca, reported that nine foreigners and a guard had symptoms of covid-19, reported the priest Alejandro Solalinde, who added that medical personnel is already attending to the cases.

“They reported to me that since Friday they began to have symptoms of fever, headache, and body pain, and for this reason, they receive medical attention and have been isolated in their bedrooms, in which laboratory results that we ask them to confirm or discard, the cases of covid-19 “, commented the priest

He pointed out that the migrants could have contracted the new coronavirus when they went out to the facade of this property to receive the payment of the Well-being program and that they had contact with the people who bring the food with whom they work in the complementary works inside the shelter that enter and they come out.

He explained that since the first cases were presented in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and in the municipality of Ciudad Ixtepec, some strict measures were applied to migrants.

He announced that the number of shelters was reduced and only 60 people were kept in the temporary shelter and more migrants were not allowed to enter as a preventive measure. In addition, the site was cleaned and the measures required by the health department, such as respecting a healthy distance, staying in isolation, and permanently using the use of face masks.

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