More Americans are searching for info on “How to Move Out of the US”


Since May 2020, International Living has seen a massive 504.97% surge in traffic to its “How to Move Out of the U.S.” coverage, which identifies the steps for successfully planning a move beyond the U.S. borders.

“Americans are looking to escape. First, there’s the uncertainty surrounding the election, which drives people to consider a ‘Plan B’ should their preferred candidate lose. We saw this same trend in 2016, though to a lesser degree,” says Jennifer Stevens, Executive editor, International Living.

“This year, in addition, the pandemic has created huge financial challenges for millions of people whose jobs have evaporated. Worried about staying afloat in the States, it stands to reason that they’re looking right now to explore good-value places abroad where their dollars will stretch further.”

People searching for move-overseas information seem to be using this time at home to investigate their options.

In greater numbers, they’re using search terms like, “moving out of the US”, “I want to move out of the US”, “moving out of America”, “how to leave America,” and “leaving America” – with the top search volume coming under the phrase “how to move out of the United States.”

International Living has seen a spike in interest in “move to” specific countries as well, among them BelizeSpainMexicoCosta Rica, and Italy with traffic up as much as 798.01% over the last three months.

Similar increases in traffic to other country-specific pages such as “Move to Portugal”, “Move to Vietnam”, “Move to Thailand” and ” Move to Uruguay”, are an indication that there’s a strong movement occurring across the States, with people actively looking to move out of the United States of America.

“People may be seeking information on moving abroad because they feel pushed to do so right now, but once they see how far their dollars can stretch, I predict they’ll feel encouraged and excited by the prospects they have,” says Stevens.

In the best-value places, expats are able to lower their cost of living but raise their quality of life. There are no shortage of spots where a couple can live well on $2,000 a month. You’ll find good quality medical care, exciting new traditions, and cultures, great food fresh from the market, engaging expat communities, welcoming locals, and more.

“The bang for buck that can be had in some places overseas is really extraordinary. On a budget that would have you living hand-to-mouth in the States, you could live extremely well in a place where health insurance can cost less than $1,000 a year, you could have a housekeeper help you out three days a week for $135 a month, and rent on a furnished two-bedroom home could be $750 or even less.”

10 Good Reasons to Retire Overseas

1) For a better quality of life…to live happier, healthier, and with less stress.
2) To find the perfect weather, where you never again have to shovel snow, scrape ice from your windows, or heat your house.
3) To escape the 9-to-5 drudgery of a day job and work for yourself, to completely reinvent yourself, or not work at all if that’s what you choose.
4) To find more time to spend with your family, to pen that book you’ve always thought about writing, or to spend your mornings fishing or snorkeling.
5) To live more luxuriously than you ever could at home, for a fraction of the cost.
6) To start your own business in a country where you’ll pay fewer taxes and keep more of what you earn.
7) To put yourself on the ground in a place that’s about to boom, and in doing so, position yourself to profit.
8) To arrange your financial affairs so you’re saving on your U.S. taxes.
9) For the adventure of it—to learn a new language, make new friends, and explore a new world.
10) Access to national healthcare plans and high-quality private health care at a fraction of the price of the U.S.

If you’re wondering about how to move out of the U.S., you won’t get there overnight, but reading the full article on is a good place to start. This guide will help you to find the right location and give you the tools and resources to stay there and enjoy a new life.


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