Senator lamented disinterest of AMLO Government in the tourism sector of our country


MEXICO CITY.- Senator Manuel Añorve Baños, of the PRI Parliamentary Group (GPPRI), lamented the federal government’s lack of interest in promoting public policies to mitigate the economic crisis and especially in support of the tourism sector in the face of the damage that has occurred. left the Covid-19 pandemic.

The PRI legislator pointed out that since last year, the Ministry of Tourism completely ignored the promotion of tourism in Mexico, which is an evident example of the disinterest of this administration in tourism.

Faced with the economic crisis caused by the health emergency, Añorve Baños has presented a series of alternatives with the purpose of helping this productive sector, without finding a response from the federal authority.

The PRI legislator has reiterated that direct support is needed for small, medium and large tourism entrepreneurs with tax incentives, financing and accessible credits, as well as reductions or deferred payment schemes for electricity and water services, among others.

However, he pointed out, the federal authorities do not listen to the proposals to favor this sector of national development.


The Mazatlan Post