The Sun will destroy the Earth with a thermonuclear reaction: UNAM specialist


Astronomer Julieta Fierro Gossman declared that, in five billion years, the Sun will stop reacting thermonuclearly, so it will ignite and throw its atmosphere out of space, with which planet Earth will merge with space to become part of a gigantic black hole, and that means (obviously), that it will cease to exist.

During the conference “The end of the Universe”, the researcher from the Institute of Astronomy (IA) of the UNAM added that another of the predictable phenomena is that if the expansion of the Universe continues, the “great rupture” will occur in which space -Time will fracture, which was something that was not expected.

The specialist expressed the constant concern of humanity regarding its destiny: “For example, the great cultures feared that the Sun would end and they performed rituals so that it would remain” since it was believed that the great star expired every 52 years.

“But yes, (the Sun) in five billion years, will stop having thermonuclear reactions of hydrogen and it will begin to have those of helium; it will heat up a lot, inflate, it will throw its atmosphere into space and the pure core of the Sun will remain surrounded by an expanding envelope ”, explained the former head of the General Directorate for the Disclosure of Science of UNAM.

Faced with the inflammation of the Sun, the Earth would also suffer consequences, as it will be part of the fusion in which the different members of the Solar System will converge to mix with other clouds in the interstellar environment. “Surely other stars will be created, with other planets and civilizations, in time and in the future ”.

When the Milky Way merges with the Andromeda galaxy, the Earth will no longer exist and instead, “our galaxy will reorganize itself and, after thousands of years, we will be part of a beautiful elliptical galaxy and a mega gigantic black hole,” Fierro Gossman continued.

With regard to the expansion of the Universe, the scientist assured that this same phenomenon is what has allowed experts to measure the speed of the Universe, as well as to know its age, which is estimated to have originated 13 billion years ago and that its expansion has progressively accelerated.

This expansion is possible, according to astronomical studies, because 70 percent of the Universe is made up of dark energy, of which its origin is unknown; another 26 percent is made up of dark matter that holds galaxies together; while ordinary matter represents only 4 percent of the Universe, she clarified.

Interpretación artística: el visitante interestelar fue detectado el año pasado. Foto: NRAO/AUI/NSF, S. DAGNELLO

“0.005 percent of what is in the Universe is the light that allows us to observe the stars, and with this is what we analyze the Universe with, and, of course, with our brain”, commented the expert in interstellar matter, during the second edition of the meeting “Cycle of great masters talks”, in which Luz María Pimentel, Javier Sicilia and Felipe Garrido also participated.

Source: El Universal

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