Guerrero politician accused of rape throws 500-guest birthday party amidst pandemic


Regardless of the pandemic and the rape accusations against him, Felix Salgado Macedonio organized a massive birthday party in Chilpancingo.

The candidate for governor of Guerrero thanked God for having a “sober and humble” life.

Despite accusations of sexual abuse and the COVID-19 pandemic that is at its second-highest point, Félix Salgado Macedonio celebrated his birthday with a massive party and more than 500 guests.

The candidate for the governorship of Guerrero for the National Regeneration Movement ( Morena ) celebrated his 64th birthday on January 14 in a place in the Haciendita neighborhood of the Chilpancingo municipality.

In the images circulating of the event, it can be observed that the attendees did not keep a healthy distance and although some had face masks, many others did not.

In addition to the banquet, the massive party was enlivened with mariachis and a regional band. Among the attendees were some local Morena officials; although the state of Guerrero is on an orange traffic light due to epidemiological alert and events or meetings with more than 10 people are not allowed.

On his Facebook account, Salgado Macedonio shared a photograph of him when he was a child, thanking God for leading his life with sobriety and humility toward his fellow men.

“I thank God almighty father for giving me one more day. Thank you for giving me the wisdom to lead my life in sobriety and to be able to serve my fellow men with humility. I send you all a big hug full of love and peace, ” Salgado Macedonio said.

The candidate for governor of Guerrero is accused of rape

The investigation against Morena is not new, in fact, there was a demonstration of feminist women outside the office building of Morena in Mexico City where they pointed out the alleged responsibility of Salgado Macedonio in the charges against him.

In addition to these accusations of sexual abuse, when his term as mayor of Acapulco ended (2005-2008) he was accused of having received money during his campaign in exchange for a commitment not to hand over the municipal police to criminals. He was held responsible for having opened the doors of Acapulco to organized crime: for having let the Zetas in, and for having let La Barbie in.

Therefore, Citlali Hernández, Morena’s general secretary, pointed out on January 13 that in an act of consistency, the best thing is to revoke the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio .

“It seems to me that due to an act of congruence and until we know more details, the best thing is that we make a decision and that Félix Salgado is not a candidate,” said Hernández during an intervention in Así Las Cosas de W Radio, adding that ” in Morena we cannot remain silent in the face of cases of possible rape and gender abuse ”.


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