Baja California Sur Coepris warns of fake anti-covid vaccines sold via the internet


La Paz.- The Ministry of Health, through the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Coepris), called on the public not to be surprised by fraudulent offers that have been identified at the national level in social networks or pages of the internet with the sale of vaccines for Covid-19. 

So far, the federal health authority has not given consent to any private company to market the vaccine against Covid-19 in the country, so the population is recommended to reject any proposal to sell the immunizer received by digital means, to avoid an impact on the family economy, indicated the head of Coepris, Blanca Pulido Medrano. 

The state official said that the suggestion not to participate in a commercial operation of this type is also to protect personal health, since a false vaccine could be received, with unknown content, that is potentially harmful to the body, commenting that pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca have reported to Cofepris that they have not signed an agreement with any company as an intermediary.

In the event that a citizen receives an offer of the biological through an internet page, social networks, pharmacies, hospitals or points of sale, they are requested to present the health complaint in the portal -y-programs / health-complaints or 6121751100, extension 1113, so that the institution’s personnel can undertake the corresponding control measures.

If someone else acquired or was given a vaccine of dubious origin, you can report adverse reactions or related discomforts “Did a drug hurt you?” VigiFlow, eReporting; 

Support can also be requested by emailing [email protected], Pulido Medrano finally said.


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