The 8 Mexican beaches that have suffered the most from covid-19


The travel restrictions imposed by Canada to stop the importation of covid-19 infections, such as canceling flights to Mexico and the Caribbean until April 30, will affect at least eight Mexican destinations. 

Among the affected beaches will be Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Huatulco, Mazatlán, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and Cozumel, in addition to Mexico City, which accounts for 98 percent of the arrival of Canadians, according to a report by Gemas Consultores. 

According to the consultancy, the high season for arrivals from Canada usually begins in November and descends in April, and it is between February and April when up to 40 percent of arrivals are concentrated. The foregoing shows the impact that the decision not to have connectivity between the two countries can generate for Mexico. 

The document details that only in 2020 the arrival of Canadians to the country was 58.7 percent lower than in 2019 due to the pandemic since it went from 1.3 million to 948 thousand visitors. 

It is unfortunate that the Canadian government decided to suspend air operations from that country to destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico from January 31 to April 30, with the aim of reducing coronavirus infections! He said. 

The resolution was complied with by four Canadian airlines with routes to Mexico and by Aeroméxico ”. 

Cancun would be among the most impacted destinations as it concentrates more than 50 percent of arrivals, followed by Puerto Vallarta with 21 percent, then Mexico City with 9 percent, Los Cabos with 6.5 percent, Huatulco with 3.1 percent, Mazatlán with 3 percent, Zihuatanejo with 2.6 percent and Cozumel with 1.6 percent. 


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