AMLO says: “I have nothing against Lorenzo Córdova, but I don’t trust the INE”


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, said that he does not trust the National Electoral Institute (INE) because he considers that “there is a lot of manipulation” and the Institute does not have a “good record”, although he assured that he had nothing against Lorenzo Córdova, the adviser President, whose term ends in 2023.

“I don’t trust the INE, I trust the people, what happened in 2018 was the people’s choice, the people went out to vote and take care of the vote, but they robbed us of the Presidency in 2006, they lent themselves to fraud. They didn’t see anything wrong back then,” AMLO said in his “morning conference”.

Likewise, he stressed that he does not see an electoral reform badly, such as reviewing the number of multi-member deputies to reduce it, to consolidate democracy in Mexico and save money, since he considers that the INE is the “most expensive electoral body in the world.”

AMLO is visibly upset because the INE canceled the candidacy of Felix Salgado Macedonio for the government of Guerrero. It is known that Salgado Macedonio and López Obrador are “compadres”, since Felix is the godfather of AMLO’s youngest son.

Source: Excelsior

Mexico Daily Post