Morena gets “the whole enchilada” in the state of Guerrero


Evelyn Salgado Pineda, Morena’s standard-bearer for governor proclaimed herself the winner of the elections; hours before, she had already said in a press conference that her “advantage was irreversible.”

According to the Preliminary Results Program (PREP), the victory of “La Torita” is a fact (Salgado Pineda is nicknamed “La Torita” after her father’s nickname of “El Toro”).

According to the preliminary information, the candidate of Morena won the election with 46.7% of the vote, compared to 37.6% of her adversary from the PRI-PRD alliance, Mario Moreno, who also declared himself “victorious” at the closing of the polls. The difference with the other colleagues is abysmal: the one who follows is Pedro Segura (PT-PVEM), with only 4.5%.

Felix Salgado Macedonio and Evelyn Salgado Pineda

The election in Guerrero became one of the most controversial, after Félix Salgado Macedonio, known as “El Toro”, lost his registration as Morena’s candidate for governor for not presenting his pre-campaign expenses. However, he was replaced by his daughter Evelyn Salgado, who was chosen through a poll.

The 39-year-old candidate, who was president of the Acapulco DIF when her father was mayor of that municipality, began her campaign as Morena’s candidate on May 5. That same day the National Electoral Institute (INE) was informed that she had spent 1,037,795 pesos on events.

Guerrero, with around 3.5 million inhabitants, had been governed under the initials of the PRI for the last 20 years (René Juárez and Héctor Astudillo) and the PRD (Carlos Zeferino Torreblanca, Ángel Aguirre Rivero and Salvador Rogelio Ortega, who replaced him) , so Morena’s victory represents a new alternation.

The people of Guerrero not only voted for their new governor but also to elect 80 municipal presidencies and 46 members of the local Congress (28 with a relative majority and 18 with proportional representation), where Morena is also ahead until this moment, with 36 and 41%, respectively.

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