10 things you must do when visiting Acapulco, Guerrero


Acapulco, a port with spectacular panoramic views, beautiful beaches, and a great history. Its antecedents indicate it as the first international beach tourist destination in Mexico, so its glory days of the ’60s and ’70s have been reflected in the collective memory of its inhabitants.

Currently, the destination is renewed and welcomes all visitors with open arms. Unlike other great beach destinations, in Acapulco, you don’t need a lot of money to enjoy everything it has to offer.

See the Clavados “Divers” en La Quebrada show: One of the classics that has given Acapulco international fame for several decades. Every day in the afternoon and evening you can enjoy this great feat where professional divers jump into the sea from an imposing cliff of more than 30 meters.

Enjoy its beaches: Acapulco is synonymous with beach, the strip of golden sand is in all its territory. There are beaches of all kinds of waves and depth, from the quietest like Caleta and Caletilla, to the most impressive like Pie de la Cuesta or Revolcadero.

Eat a Fish to the Size: A delicious traditional dish that was created in the Barra Vieja of Acapulco, it is a succulent fish grilled with a special sauce.

Walk along the Costera Miguel Alemán: The main tourist avenue of the port. Here you will find the largest hotel and commercial zone in Acapulco, as well as its nightclubs and a great variety of luxurious restaurants.

Enjoy the nightlife: Acapulco never sleeps, the party is lived 24 hours a day and during the weekends the party atmosphere is lived everywhere. La Condesa, Avenida Escénica and Zona Diamante, are the main places where you can enjoy a good night.

Visit the Isla de la Roqueta: The most beautiful natural reserve in Acapulco, without a doubt is this small island located in front of Caleta, where you can enjoy a beautiful beach with gentle waves and two secret beaches that few tourists have visited. In addition to a lighthouse-viewpoint where you can see an impressive panoramic view of the port.

Visit Puerto Marqués: The second bay of Acapulco still retains its old style with most of its green landscape and little hotel infrastructure, which makes it a more relaxed place for visitors. Its two beaches, Puerto Marqués and Majahua are among the most visited.

Go to Pie de la Cuesta: The last golden strip of the port is a huge bar that divides the great Laguna de Coyuca with the Pacific Ocean. From any point of this place the most beautiful sunsets can be appreciated before an imposing waves and a tranquility without equal.

Enjoy a Thursday Pozolero: A unique tradition in the state of Guerrero is lived every Thursday where you can enjoy the unique pozole of the region. Which can be green or white, accompanied by an exquisite and complete snack that will leave you more than satisfied. All this delicacy in the midst of live music and an atmosphere of joy in each restaurant.

Flying in the Parachute: A magical and fun experience that will make you feel the adrenaline rush as you fly over the strip of sand. In addition to these ten things, in Acapulco, there is still much to enjoy. Its big events and the new attractions that are being developed will keep you coming back.

Source: viajerodemexico.com

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