The state of Guerrero honored with the release of Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero


Celebrate a lesser-known region of Mexico with a premium mezcal that’s perfect for sipping.

Clase Azul Spirits, the world’s first luxury tequila brand from Mexico, is honoring one of the country’s lesser well-known (but still fabulous) states with the release of Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero.

Clase Azul is renowned for its premium tequilas and mezcals that exemplify the unique and bold flavor of artisanally made spirits. The new Mezcal Guerrero is made from 100 percent Agave Papalote, also known as Agave cupreata, which is specific to the Guerrero region of Mexico.

In the mountainous region of Guerrero, the agave plant grows wild and completely natural by seed propagation. Papalote Agave can take up to 15 years to fully mature and only the best agaves are cooked over the course of several days in a pit oven using volcanic rock and firewood from the Guamuchil tree, according to a statement from Clase Azul Spirits.

Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero

Credit: Courtesy of Clase Azul

“We celebrate the important, yet underappreciated, state of Guerrero as the inspiration for our newest family member” said President of Clase Azul Spirits Juan Sanchez. “Rich in natural beauty, from the bay views to the mountains of Sierra Madre del Sur, the region has a deep connection to Mexican culture and tradition, making it the perfect backdrop for our Mezcal Guerrero.”

The new mezcal is described by the brand as “grapefruit skin and fresh wood to rosemary and peanut oil with hints of butter and daisy flowers.”

Aside from its bold flavor, Clase Azul prides itself in crafting gorgeous and unique decanter bottles to host their spirits. Inspired by ancient women of Guerrero, the brand crafted a beautiful green bottle that represents jade, which is of extreme value to Mexico’s ancestral cultures and a symbol of eternity. The bottle is adorned with flowers that represent the Fifth Sun, a pre-Hispanic god representing the origin of the universe, according to a statement by Clase Azul Spirits. The bottle’s cap is handcrafted using the Olinalá lacquer technique originated in Guerrero as well.

Source: T&L

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