Zihuatanejo: Japanese tourism arrives at the Bahías de Papanoa beaches


Tecpan, October 15, 2021.- It is increasingly common to see foreign tourism in the Bahías de Papanoa tourist complex, Japanese citizens prefer quiet beaches where you can eat fresh food at affordable prices.

Satura, a Japanese citizen, said that together with her family they decided to travel to Mexico and get to know the tourist destinations of Guerrero and through social networks, they realized that near Zihuatanejo almost virgin tourist destinations were promoted, so they agreed to travel to this area of ​​the city. Costa Grande.

The woman said that her first impression was of a quiet place to rest, but above all that they found good care, a clean place, and affordable prices, “it is the first time that we are here and we are going to recommend our countrymen to visit the place ” said.

Turismo japonés llega a las playas Bahías de Papanoa - Enfoque Informativo

She, along with the other people, including men, took advantage of the stay to hire a boat for sport fishing since in other places they have not been able to do so because the weather conditions did not allow them.

Inauguran Maricarmen Cabrera y diputados Mirador de Bahías de Papanoa -  Zihuaenfoque

It should be noted that before the pandemic it was very common to see Korean and Canadian tourists, who, in addition to local tourism, have been the main promoters of these tourist destinations.  

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