Jorge Sánchez announces reconstruction of the Las Gatas dock for 2023


Tenants of the Playa Linda market have been relocated so that they can continue their activities while said space is rebuilt.

Zihuatanejo, Gro., (December 13, 2022).- This year’s end, the Las Gatas beach pier will be operated in current conditions because in 2023 it will be rebuilt, reported in an interview the municipal president Jorge Sánchez Allec specifying that in next year’s budget they contemplate investing approximately 10 million pesos in this work.

He indicated that since important urban and tourist infrastructure works are underway, such as the Paseo de Playa Linda, and the paving of Eva Sámano street, in the La Madera area, with all the complementary actions that it includes, it was decided to program the total reconstruction of the Las Gatas pier for next year, with municipal resources in the order of 9 to 10 million pesos.

Likewise, the municipal president announced that this Wednesday, the demolition of the Playa Linda market will begin, relocating the 50 tenants in a suitable space on the main road so that they can carry out their activities without major setbacks for a period of three month, which is the estimated time for the reconstruction of the commercial space.

Sánchez Allec said that the new market project is totally in harmony with the Paseo de Playa Linda, and due to the economic and social impact it is undoubtedly one of the most important investments of the municipal government in the last decade in the tourist area of Ixtapa.

Source: Vozihuatanejo