Mexican actor Andrés García dies at 81


ACAPULCO, GUERRERO.- This Tuesday, APRIL 4, 2023, around 6 in the afternoon, the announcement of the death of actor Andrés García at the age of 81 was made public.

On Tuesday, April 4th the death of actor Andrés García at the age of 81 was announced by his family.

Margarita Portillo, the wife of Andrés García, recently reported the results of blood tests performed on the actor.

The doctor’s exact words were that his liver was defending itself ‘ like a cat on its back ‘; They weren’t the best results, but they weren’t the worst either. He is aware , he is fine, he is sometimes bad and giving orders that nothing be done to him without his authorization, ”he commented.

Although he was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Andrés García acquired Mexican nationality because his family moved to our country when the actor was just a child.

Upon their arrival in Mexico, they settled in Acapulco, where Andrés began working as a boatman.

When he was in his early 20s, he was discovered by movie producers, launching his acting career.

His first tape was ‘ Chanoc ‘, where he played the main character of the story, with the same name.

Other notable performances include ‘Pedro Navaja’, ‘Tintorera’ and ‘Los Juniors’.

In 1970 he began his career on television, which lasted for more than four decades. Andrès Garcìa became an icon on Telenovelas. Among her outstanding performances are ‘My name is Courage’, ‘The Privilege of Loving’ and ‘The Body of Desire’.

Since 2022 it was reported that the actor’s health was deteriorating after it was revealed that he had ascites as well as cirrhosis.

The actor survived prostate cancer and leukemia.

RIP Andrés García

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