Shootings in Acapulco at least two deaths and several injuries on the beaches


The violence this Monday, in the middle of the holiday season, affected tourists on the Caleta and Dominguillo beaches

Acapulco, Guerrero – The violence in Acapulco reached the city’s beaches this Monday, at the height of the vacation, with two shooting attacks that left at least two dead and five injured.

The first act of violence occurred around 1:54 p.m., on Dominguillo beach, when a man was seriously injured after being attacked with a firearm, a few meters from the El Anzuelo restaurant. The bullet entered his head.

Later, four kilometers away and around 5:30 p.m., subjects shot at a tourist service provider at the entrance to Caleta beach.

The bullets attack also hit tourists who were resting in palapas located on the sand.

A tourist died hours later, already inside the hospital, from a bullet he received in the head.

It was preliminarily reported that a girl was injured in the buttock; a man, with impact in the leg; a woman, with a bullet impact to the head, and another with a bullet to the skull.

The attacks occurred even though operations from the National Guard, the Mexican Army and the tourist police took off on the beaches.

The state government reported that four people were arrested as allegedly responsible for the two shootings on Monday.

“These individuals are located as generators of violence and could be related to two events recorded this Monday in the traditional area of Acapulco,” it was specified.

Just this Monday, the Morenista mayor, Abelina López Rodríguez, boasted an increase in tourism in the port of Guerrero.

“This is the route, we have brought the cruise ships and we are going for more tourism to Acapulco; this is the work that we bring along with the businessmen”, said the mayoress in a meeting.

Source: Al dia Dallas