A man is shot to death in Zihuatanejo, another in Ometepec and an accountant in Chilpancingo



A man was shot to death and another wounded by a bullet in different acts of violence yesterday in Zihuatanejo. And the young man who had been shot early Sunday morning during the invasion of armed civilians in the Casa Kahlo nightclub in the center of Iguala, He died at a hospital Monday night as a result of his injuries. In Chilpancingo, a man by profession as an accountant was shot to death in the hospital area of the Universal neighborhood. In Ometepec they find the body of a young man shot to death by the side of a road.


Sources from the municipal Public Security Secretariat reported that at 1:53 in the afternoon they received a report of a lifeless person on the Zihuatanejo-Lázaro Cárdenas highway, near the La Selva nursery, in the community of Posquelite in Zihuatanejo.

Municipal police found the body of a man shot to death lying on the road.

The victim had three bullet wounds to the face, neck and ribs and was wearing a red sweatshirt and black and orange checkered shorts.

In another event, a man was injured when he was attacked with bullets in the Riscal neighborhood.

The events occurred at 2 in the afternoon when the victim who was shot in this place and with his own means was transferred to a hospital.

The injured man is called Jorge, 30 years old and received three bullet wounds in the foot and lower back.


On Monday night, an accountant was shot to death when he was going to board his truck near the hospital area in the Universal neighborhood, in the capital.

Police sources reported at 10:15 p.m. they received a report of a murdered man on Río Huacapa boulevard, near the elevated bridge and the Torre Médica Siglo XXI and Santa Fe hospitals.

Police versions indicate that the victim was going to board his truck when he was shot to death.

The man was identified as Marcos and was an accountant. It turned out that another person was injured, but the authorities did not confirm the fact.


The young man identified as David, 21, had been hospitalized early Sunday morning after being injured by several impacts on different parts of the body, and on Monday night he died at the Jorge Soberón Acevedo General Hospital due to these injuries, police sources reported.

The boy was injured during a direct attack that he received around 2:30 in the morning on Sunday by armed civilians who broke into the Casa Kahlo nightclub, located in the bar area of Juan Aldama street in the Centro neighborhood of Iguala.

The attackers evaded the security and shot the boy with a .9-millimeter caliber pistol in front of several friends, in a place that was completely full of customers, mainly young people. Witnesses informed the authorities that it was David’s colleagues who took him to a hospital to be treated, aboard a motorcycle.

A man in his 40s shot to death was found in Ometepec.

Sources from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) reported that at 2:40 in the afternoon they received a report of a lifeless man’s body on the state highway from Ometepec to Piedra Labrada.

State and ministerial police found the body of a man shot to death; his hands tied behind his back.

Near the body was a motorcycle and empty shell.

Two women are linked to the process for possession of four thousand liters of hydrocarbon in Chilapa

The Public Ministry of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in Guerrero, obtained a link to the trial and preventive detention against two women, for their probable responsibility in the crime of possession of hydrocarbons in Chilapa.

The FGR released a statement yesterday, in which it indicated that due to a complaint by the military to the FGR prosecutor, an investigation folder was initiated, and a search procedure was requested from the Control Judge, which was carried out on March 22 in a house located in the Los Ángeles neighborhood, in Chilapa de Álvarez, where Viviana and Ramona were detained.

220 drums with 3,011 liters 262 milliliters of regular gasoline, 1,149 liters 269 milliliters of Premium gasoline and 56 liters 226 milliliters of automotive diesel were seized, a total of 4,206 liters 757 milliliters of petroleum.

Source: Sur Acapulco