They report a good influx of visitors at the Coconut Museum in El Coacoyul, Zihuatanejo


The director of the Coconut Museum, located in the El Coacoyul community, in Zihuatanejo, José María Espino, said that during this holiday period of Holy Week and Easter Week, “we have done very well, right now this week there have been quite a few influxes both in the restaurant part and here in the museum”.

José María Espino, who is one of the main promoters of coconut and the dissemination of its properties both in health and in daily life, said that in these holidays “we have received national tourists, foreign tourists these days stopped visiting us, it is more national tourism that has come to see our facilities”:

When asked, the promoter pointed out that tourists find “the coconut theme museum and the coconut mural, which is called Allegory of Coconut and we also have a tractor tour of the plantations and they are explained the varieties, the uses, we also do the jimado process where visitors can taste the manzana del coco, a freshly cut coconut to drink”.

“And right now, we also have complemented the whole part of the coconut, we have an exhibition that will be on until April 22 that is about insects from all over the world that is also very interesting, especially for children.”

José María Espino estimated that during this vacation period, “on average we are receiving 150 to 200 tourists a day, “if nothing else, yesterday Tuesday we had a group of tourists from Monterrey and there were more than 50, a single group; Yes, the season has been very good for us”.

“You know the museum here and you know that it is still under development and despite that, the comments we have had are favorable, for example, with the group yesterday, the tourists from Monterrey told us, “they told us to visit the Museum del Coco, but we didn’t even know what to expect”, but once they were here, they were given all the information, the tour and they saw everything that can be done with coconut, especially, they left delighted, amazed at coconut”.

Then, he said that “all these alternative projects are helping Zihuatanejo to grow as a tourist destination because apart from the beach, they are already different, alternative options that people are also looking for, rural tourism, community tourism, is something that is booming and these projects help in that”, he pointed out.

Source: Sur Acapulco