SEP suspends return to school until further notice; this is the reason


The SEP calendar establishes that the return to school will be this Monday, April 17, but it recently announced that the holidays will continue until further notice

The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) announced that the return to school is suspended until further notice, and it will not be this April 17, as announced in its official calendar, which means more holidays for children in preschool, primary and secondary.

This change in the school calendar will only apply to some states.

One of the states that announced that schools will remain closed this April 17 and until further notice is Baja California.

This is because the high temperatures have caused landslides in certain areas of the city, which is why the educational authorities considered that going back to class represents a risk for students and teachers.

Added to this suspension of the return to school is Acapulco, Guerrero, where high school vacations are expected to continue the entire following week.

It was the spokesman for the technical high schools of school zone 11, Marco Jaimes Ramos, who explained that they are waiting for the SEP to respond to a series of demands and as long as it does not, they will not return to school.

And it is that next Friday, April 28, the School Technical Council will be held, so that day there will be no classes, later the weekend will come and Monday, May 1 will be Labor Day, when there will be no classes either.

So, there will be four days in which you can enjoy a break and plan a getaway to different places such as beaches, spas, cultural cities, parks, etc.

Source: Sipse