Primary school in Zihuatanejo return to classes after the outbreak of Covid 19


ZIHUATANEJO, Gro. This week school activities resumed at the Guillermo Prieto elementary school, in the Los Amuzgos neighborhood, after the outbreak of Covid 19 among students and teachers.
Health authorities reported that it was the campus managers themselves who made the decision, first to suspend face-to-face activities to prevent further spread of the virus and later to return to the classroom.
It was announced that a survey was carried out in other schools in the municipality to find out their situation regarding possible outbreaks of Covid 19, but no other case was known.
Regardless of the schools, there has been a slight resurgence of Covid 19 cases throughout the municipality, which has been addressed above all in the private initiative and in the IMSS.
Faced with this situation, health authorities insist on calling on the population to exercise extreme precautions and apply personal health protocols to reduce the possibility of contracting this disease or any other respiratory disease.
It was this Wednesday that classes resumed as normal but with the call to continue using the face mask on campus.

Source: Quadratin